Montauk exploration and lost on a boat among other things......

It's 7 am or something like that and usually I'm up much earlier.not today though. I put on the TV and some show called Bulging Brides is on,super satisfying TV!!! Not really! TV usually gets me going and I always watch the news but this was on and I was captured for sure. The bride a leprechaun looking ginger was shown how people gain 3 pounds a year after getting married for the first 5 years and she said "oh thats disgusting" Mind you she is already overweight and had to be told how to eat. In her defence I can say I would not want to eat the crap they were showing her either! Veggie sandwiches,veggie this and that,no thank you for me!

If it was me I would have been chasing a cow by now.I do get going on a diet but I don't think others should have to suffer with you. Now that the ginger is trying to diet she wants everyone else to do so too. The one super skinny friend wants and did order pizza around her but that is her right to eat as she wishes. I should be eatting nothing but salad but move over Oprah because that is NOT going to happen! Personally I like people with meat on them but I also think that some skinny people look great,I'm just not one of them, But on to other things.


I'm suppossed to be typing up some things for a production company on how I do the Paratrips that are featured on I know that a lot of people want to get on TV and become famous and I also know that when some of them do they act like asses. I don't get that,I really don't. I feel they get this God complex and become cry babies. They want certain things and act stuck up,that is not my world at all. I'm down to earth and easy going,no one owes anyone anything.Will this TV show go anywhere? Your guess is as good as mine but what I do know is what people want. Right now there are way to many choices on TV,thousands of shows and channels that mostly people channel surf. Your show HAS to be AMAZING,ENCHANTING or it will go nowhere. I know what people want and even the best shows on TV go to the waste land except the very few.

As for those famous people,some are great and some are like I said,asses. When I tell you that some well known people in government are into the paranormal and haunted stuff,I'm not kidding.  What scares me is WHAT they are into and that those same people are running the country. One of the things the production company asked me was if anyone I worked with belonged to Bohemian Grove and I said I didn't know, which wasn't a lie. The next day I found out one of them was and I was shocked because he is known by everyone and he is quite the simpleton and he held a major position in government,that is what scared me along with what he was into. The bottom line is politicians get where they are due to money,end of story. The voting process is in my opinion the illusion of choice as in you don't have one. Right now I'm watching Trump on TV who I happen to like. The question is,will he get killed off like Brietbart? Will that CIA heart attack gun make it's way to knocking him out? Obama is part of Bohemian Grove,what web will be weave while there?  You do know that is this month? 

I'm in NJ right now and I have been exploring the Montauk 2. I know for sure now that it was not my imagination when I saw some creature that can't possibly exist because I saw it again. Whatever they did out there with those people,children too has never left. For whatever reason it is contained in those woods. It does not seem to be evil or going to kill anyone but what the heck is it?  Later today I will be exploring the sunken city and a few ghost towns but I will make it back to Montauk 2 before I leave. One thing I found there is this unusual piece of wood with a glass web inside of it. This is the second one I found in my life. I will be working with that in the upcoming weeks. The things I saw there and felt were beyond words! I need to do my own show called beyond words! When you get into that little town,the remains of that town called Montauk 2 you can feel the evil that was done there. You can almost see it as if it is still going on. Somewhere in some time I think it is. I think there are many trapped in another time warp or line on that property. When I stepped into one of the remains of the buildings it became fixed,like new again and I could see what was going on. In that one is was a medical building. The next one was a massive shower and the last one I went into was where they did the experiments because I watched it.

Lost on the boat will come later along with my attempt and being a plumber.



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