So it’s that time of year again when family gets together. I just had to stop my sentence there because I really need to think on how to continue, words sometimes can’t express.

Prior to Thanksgiving I decided I would not attend because I just wasn’t up for drama. It didn’t matter though as drama came to me, all night and by phone and then in person. I didn’t want to deal with the DPHPPS ( deflated pumpkin head private part scratcher) I didn’t want to deal with the fights, comments or drunkenness. I didn’t want to hear about how little money this one or that one had while they placed their nose in my business and told me how they were, dying, starving or freezing. I just didn’t give a square shit! That pan of shit came flying and once it started there was no stopping it!

My plans were for a quiet evening with a pan of lasagna no matter who was mad at me for not attending. I forgot what day it was and ended up eating cereal but it was all good until the phone calls came. I started by being blamed for not being there to control others. I was told it was my fault because no one would have acted up if I was there to prevent it. While that is true it’s because I won’t take anyone’s shit, period! Other people need to learn to pick up a bat and swing it! I know I would have and that’s no lie! So people got drunk and the cops came and then the real fun began. These people now want to come to my house! The turkeys sat in the back of a car and rotted because no one cooked it due to the drunken brawls! All in all one person was getting a divorce, one person picked up a 2x4, one person slept outside in the freezing cold and then people came to my house. I think I went 48 hours with out sleep. Now I should be able to do that with no problem since I’m Immortal. That is a joke but I will get to that later. So with all that you would think Christmas was out for sure, right? Wrong!!!

So... it’s the night before Christmas and all through the house a drunk was stirring upstairs in his house.

There was a bitch on the couch crying for help and all the while a witch refused to help. A lady with OCD had hurt her knee and the young one was yelling over a divorce decree.

I sat on the couch looking like a grouch wanting to kick myself for even coming out.

Soon the gimp would arrive if he made it on his drive. One legged he stood yelling he needed to shit. He yelled get out of my way I need the pot, I have to shit you idiot!

And so it began another Christmas in hell and here is my story a horror to tell!

The fighting and comments got started early and I knew they would. This person is never positive, ever! We stopped at Cracker Barrel and that was my first fear, how long would I be there? This person sends back all their food all the time! One time they sent breakfast back 10 times!!!! I wanted to hide under the table! I don’t go eat with them anymore. I just can’t! I made up my mind that it’s out! Plus I just heard they spread family business. Then I hear this person is talking about my brother yet again! WTF, why? I don’t let people talk about Lindy, my brother or Daisy. So it seems they are now talking about my brother and I don’t like it. My brother is badass! He’s like the Terminator and when he was a kid he wanted to be an Assassin instead he became a federal agent and he even gets to talk to serial killers! I ended up hearing how is ex-wife was a better daughter then myself or my brother, meaning we didn’t do enough, blah, blah blah. I heard how I was bent about his ex but that’s not true I just have no interest. So that was the beginning of the hell.

Later we are gathered in the living room and it’s time to eat dinner. Dinner was pizza so wrapping and other things could get done. Pizza has never been dinner to me but I go along with it. I’m just glad I got through one day with no police.

The next day is Christmas Day and we are almost to the home stretch! I think we’re going to make it, I think we are! Nope, not gonna happen!

Not in any particular order but here’s what happened. All was calm and then there was a brawl, slapping and strangulation, people being told to get out, someone being called a dirty gypsy, dirty Hungarian, witches, evil witches, drunken assholes, sissy boy, pussy boy, your married to your mother, well your married to your mother too, your a bitch, well he’s a alcoholic, and on and on...

And then in another room someone is saying well if it’s all yours and you make all the money then you can take your car, your house and your money and shove it up YOUR ass! With all of this going on the Frankenstein shows up! Great we really need this but he actually brought some entertainment with him, not his hooker, he left her home.

Now while this is going on I have a customer emailing me non stop, calling and even texting. Slowly I’m losing my patience and usually I don’t. This customer is in the USA so they know it’s Christmas. I decide to ignore them, it’s for the best.

Frankenstein sits down and begins to tell us what he did the night before. He tells us he went into Camden to do a drug deal. He let his hooker out and she never came back. He calls the police and tells them he was doing a drug deal and his hooker never came back and he’s worried. Now let that sink in for just a little while.... So the police come out and he tells them he brought his hooker in to get cocaine and that he’s worried about her. They ask him what his drug of choice is. He tells them he doesn’t do drugs which he doesn’t, he’s just stupid and got with a porn star! She’s not really a hooker, we just call her that. We all stopped fighting to hear his stories because they are all true. A lot more was said but I couldn’t print it here.

So while no one yelled they wanted to be aborted and no one slipped anyone a Mickey or tried to stab a person over a turkey ass. It was still two days in hell! All in all it was pretty calm this year.

What I did learn is that I’m right to not show up to these things no matter what anyone else says. I realized that I really don’t know where some of these people come from. I also know that I’m still pissed off and that what goes around comes around. I won’t be letting this go.

At the time I wrote this I said I wouldn't let it go but I am. You live and learn. All done!

Moving on to my immortality. So, I get a email from someone and ask another customer about it. Sure enough on this one sellers website where they do a seller review there are some nasty posts, what’s new right? What I found was that I’m Immortal!!! YES and I have been here since 1800? I also only sell items for thousands of dollars! On top of that I apparently took someone’s money and told them to go away. Well that’s a new one to me! And then get this, some bitch, yes some cunty bitch said her spirits told her this and that. So bitch how do we know what your spirits are or even if they are real? I mean if they are so great why don't you ask for those lottery numbers since all is gospel! Then I guess the same person says let’s bully her or troll her. Yes this is the kind of thing that goes on while others, those on my websites are serious about what they are into. I’m sorry I’m not catering to the kindergarten set but that’s just not me. I’m sorry I don’t have items on for 5 or 10 dollars, it is what it is. No one is putting a gun to your snowflake head and making you buy, you do or you don’t. After talking to two of these customers the subject comes up again about me doing a entire new website that does seller reviews. I won’t do that, it’s biased and will never be accurate and here’s a few reasons why.

First off if I did a website like that all my reviews would be glowing as my customers would be on it. Secondly if someone said anything negative about me everyone else would attack them. That’s not cool and it’s not fair. Other sellers would get trashed with no way of knowing if it’s true or is someone is just bent out of shape. Then we have perception and ability. What if the person leaving the review has mental issues and trust me I run into a lot of them! What if the person leaving the review has zero ability? To them your item had no spirit, didn’t work, the energy left, etc. In reality the seller is great but the person has the psychic ability of a rock! Why should any seller suffer from a negative review over nothing? Then there is my opinion of doing that type of website. I feel it doesn’t do anything because it’s not independent of my influence or input. There is also fake posts and fake posters building up some sellers and putting others down. Bottom line is those websites can be manipulated by the owner. I'm not saying that sellers do that, I'm saying it can be done and is done. This makes it unfair for other sellers. I know some have to have their hand in all pies but that’s not for me and again it will remain that way. Not only that but I see a lot of uneducated and illogical people posting. One example of that is I’m Immortal.... I don’t answer emails fast enough. Now the email thing is true and will continue to be true. I bet it’s even true I typed someone a two word response. Here’s why. First of all I’m not sitting at home behind a computer all day. I actually have to go out and hunt these items down. This means I’m not making shit up and due to that I can’t always be behind a computer. Sorry illogical people if that’s offends you. Try if you can using your brain! Wouldn’t you wonder how I’m going here and there if I was behind a computer all the time? Oh I forget we are dealing with people with little brain or shit for brains. If I gave a two word response, and I probably did it would be because I’m driving and just want them to know I do have the email and will get back to them. What if I didn’t get back to them? That’s a very real possibility and would be because the original email is buried behind 100’s of other emails and is now lost! Honestly this happens to me all the time. Last night as just one example I had 30 plus emails from one person. Now combine that with regular customer emails, junk mail and request mail. Do you see what I’m getting at? They can get lost.

Then I read I was mean. I read my attitude wasn’t the best. Actually I don’t believe in being fake, sorry again snowflakes but I am what I am! As for me being mean, how many of you know me? Many of you have even met me and know better so I find it odd for those that have never met me to comment like that. You know I’m not mean and that I treat you the way you treat me. I’m not going to coddle or take shit but I will be the first to help someone in need. This year I donated money to a customer I never met. This person I knew was in serious need of just basic stuff like food! So while these idiots are posting negative shit, some of us are out doing really good things. I’m not the only seller doing good things that go unadvertised either. We just don’t have a website that allows the trashing of other sellers with non merit. I mean I read some of the shit and it’s just gossip and guessing. I say good for them! You live your pathetic little lives and post anonymously while the real sellers are out helping people behind the scenes while we still have to make money.

I think maybe I should do a website calling out bullshit but that promotes certain sellers I feel are amazing! Why dwell in the negative when I can promote the positive sellers? One seller just donated to help children another works sometimes constantly to pay bills. These are the genuine people that should be recognized and not the fluff my nuts twats. So yeah, I’m going to do that website! So if you are reading this and you have a problem just go ahead and send that email but try to be a grown up. Include your real name not some fantasy bullshit like a third grader. We are all adults here.

Having given things more thought I think I have had enough. Time to give what I get. This won’t be pretty going forward.

I hope you all have a great new year and we have some amazing contests and spontaneous items coming, for free. You shall see!

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