Witch's Casting Orbs

Witch's Casting Orbs

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This is a set of witch's casting orbs. We got them from a Bavarian witch who has taken permanent residence in upstate New York where there is nobody to bother her. She likes living in seclusion, so we don't get to speak to her much, but when we do end up meeting up with her, she always gives us the most powerful pieces. This is a set of casting orbs. Into each orb, there has been set a casting power pertaining to one area. You do not have to do anything with them other than keep them on your person. The more you hold them, the more you handle them, the more they will read your energy and the stronger your casting will be. You will also have to mentally project the person upon whom you wish the spell to be cast. If it is just a general casting or a casting for yourself, skip this step.

Here are the powers that are associated with each casting orb:

green: Green obviously represents wealth and that is what this orb will cast.

red: This is the color and the energy that represents love. This can be either to find a lover or mend a broken relationship of any kind, i.e. between family, friends, etc.

yellow: This is for energy, vitality and spiritual healing. This spell actually reverses the aging process and will allow you to feel physically better than you have in your life. It also gives spiritual healing and clears evil from your life.

blue: This is the color of heightened spirituality. This will give you the ability to open your third eye, to allow an influx of psychic powers and magic. You know the type that go along with that: spirit communication, telepathic abilities, the ability to move things with your mind, the ability to read people's mind, astral projection, etc.

pink: Pink is for success and the removal of obstacles from your life. If will help you become successful in whatever you choose to be successful in.

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