7th Alliance | STAR
7th Alliance | STAR
7th Alliance | STAR

7th Alliance | STAR

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With secret societies like the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Cross and Bones Clubs and the likes of the Bilgerberg Group, there are few things that occur that we can honestly say we didn't expect to happen sooner or later. 7th Alliance is an exception that no one really likes to talk about. The society is completely associated with the top groups that you've heard about due to the nature of their beliefs and ambitions. The reason the group is called the 7th Alliance is because they revolve around the concept of the seven deadliest sins and or the general impurity that comes from survival. Unlike a lot of religious groups, this one more or less embraces the concept of sin.

Another thing that separates the 7th Alliance is that they have a singular lead figure, which they refer to as He or Him - they do not have a mortal name or one that can be spoke in human tongues. There is also a version of a counsel but it does not function normally. Societies like those mentioned before all have a series of people who must agree on a plan or movement before it is passed and placed into action. The 7th Alliance is almost entirely reliant on the choices of one individual.

The system is extremely autocratic.

They believe the following:

1. Because all power is borrowed from Him, all things gained with the power also belong to Him.


2. They are not under any mortal law or restricted by any one man - only Him.

3. They do not believe in prayer, they believe in wishing under Him and bringing it into existence themselves to prove both loyalty and strength under Him.

4. Abortion is worse than sin - immoral and heinous. It is viewed as the attempted or the deliberate murder of one of His children.

5. All physical, mental and emotional gratification is found in Him.

6. There is no personal gain, grudges, vendettas or vengeance - there is only those His.

7. Only the Lord may bestow complete purity, omnipotence, immortality and transcendence. They will not seek it anywhere else.

"He" or "Him", as we mentioned, refers to an obvious leader. There has never been a woman in control of this group, nor does it seem like there ever will be. The group is extremely against women being in complete power, which is definitely apparent in the fact that this is one of the many secret societies that, despite usually being very quite and incognito about the majority of their business, they became very active during the recent elections and were very much so against the election of Hillary Clinton. The reason being very simple - she went against many if not all of their concepts as a society.

Anyway, to condense a long winded story that carries over the course of the last 15 or so months, there was a shift in power just before elections. The previous leader was killed by the new one, which is why they became especially active. They had dug up a lot of information about Hillary, some of which never got released until the last few months. There was even one that never got released altogether because there was no way to safely get it out in the public, which is the same secret that was threatened to be publicized if Hillary didn't back out just two days before the elections. It got buried. Of course, the group could have released the information themselves but, as we said, this group is very specific about their existence. Most members will not publicly admit to being a member of the 7th Alliance.

What they had found out was that Hillary was in the Bilgerberg Group. Yes. Was. Not anymore. However, we'll get there in a minute. During the time of the elections, they did threaten to out her about being a part of the society and to also reveal actual videos, photos and recordings of Hillary taking part in some pretty heinous crap. Crap that would bury her and absolutely annihilate her career. Things likely beyond your imagination.

The 7th Alliance knew about it because the singular leader would almost always be invited to their rituals. They did attempt to unify the two societies multiple times. It never happened because the beliefs are not the same. When Hillary lost the election, there was a stir across many of the secret societies. Many of them were banking on her winning because she was going to lead the world along a pretty dangerous and destructive path, which did include the rise of Lucifer.

This item here is only even in our possession because all of this happened, namely the shift in power. The shift in power had been a crucial move and a definite last attempt to avoid the passing of their version of the New World, within which the ultimate religion would have been one under Lucifer. Upon the death of the last leader, this item was not created but rather empowered by the release of their soul... even though it technically was no actually released. It was pulled into this piece. The reason for this, we believe, is because, when a new leader is ascended in the 7th Alliance, their power is required to be controlled one way or another due to how much of it there is so they are naturally forced to use vessels to manage, preserve and also store their immense magic, energy or power. That is what this item is. It belonged to the previous leader of the 7th Alliance.

You will become transcended with the 7th Alliance but it does not require that you become a member. It is only really utilizing immense power that would otherwise be lost to another secret society. Other societies like the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati or even the Freemasons deliberately wait for the passing of a leader so they can get a hold of one of these pieces. That's how powerful it is.

What you gain from it is the complete powerful of the last transcendent, including acute and powerful telekinesis. You gain the management of purity, which you can use entirely on yourself, other vessels of magic or other people in general. Technically speaking, with this amount of power, you could grow to be viewed as Godlike. To acquire this piece is a stroke of luck in itself. Once you come in possession of it, you will need nothing else. Becoming a God and perhaps even a leader doesn't come to just anyone. Don't hesitate.

In order to activate this item, you have three choices and they all work the same but one is more powerful than the other. The first is to light some incense, put a little of the ashes inside the locket, carry and or wear it. That's the first way. The second method of activation is to take some of your hair, burn it and put the residue inside the locket and wear it. It doesn't matter how little or how much as long as it is hair from your head. The third method of activation is to have your initials etched into the face of the locket to make it permanently yours. The most reliable and powerful way to activate this piece is burning your hair. It does not matter if it stays in the locket because the piece will have already been activated.

You do not need to do all of these. You are to pick one. You do not need to overkill it with all three or two - just one. It is not new or modern. It will clamp closed and you can put a clamp on it so it can be worn as a necklace if you so choose.

This is an original antique piece.

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