Ancient Dual Medici Capsule | STAR
Ancient Dual Medici Capsule | STAR
Ancient Dual Medici Capsule | STAR
Ancient Dual Medici Capsule | STAR

Ancient Dual Medici Capsule | STAR

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The Medici family had always been into dark magic, the worst of which was concealed but not without effort. As a largely influential house, a lot of what they did was under scrutiny after their rise to relevance so they had to get creative with their practices. Beforehand, however, they had used a lot of their dark power to get there. They would release their virtues at a young age - children were included - in exchange for unconditional magic and power from ancient entities. They have accepted power from a number of entities ranging equally across the light and dark spectrum, including ones known to be connected with God and ones connected with Lucifer. They were a morbid family of secret occultists with a vain sense of self-proclaimed omnipotence. They would conduct rituals, which they would document themselves intricately.

They would often orchestrate elaborate rituals, sometimes entirely centered around each other. Medici women would sometimes birth children for the sole purpose of sacrificing them at a later date. This same practice is actually one of the reasons why it was believed that the last Medici ruler died without an heir and brought the bloodline to an end in 1737 but that is simply not true. The Medici bloodline is still alive. A lot of their control is just now specific to underground circuits.

The family's legacy dwell among three capsule that were said to hold an extreme amount of power. One of was complete light power, another extreme dark power and the final being a mixture of both. The dual capsule is what we have. We think that the capsule that was destroyed by Gaston De Medici was the light capsule but we cannot say for sure because the dual capsule is the only capsule in circulation and it has been that way for the last three centuries. There was mentions of a capsule in the late 1800s but there is little to no information about it. It could have easily been this very capsule.


This is a Medici Capsule, which there were only three to ever be created through the entire Medici bloodline. The other two are said to have been lost over the course of the centuries but only one was officially destroyed and that was by the hands of Gaston De Medici not too long after he succeeded Cosimo III. It was created during one of their many rituals and it is only due to their own documentations that we are even aware of how it was created. The pages of their many documentations are preserved in an old archive located in the heart of Italy. At one point, the piece was supposed to go to the Vatican Archives but the Vatican actually rejected the piece. It is not officially known why but we know that they didn't want anything to do with it.

The dual piece - this piece - was the first of the three capsules to be created and it was created in the late 14th century by Cosimo during his exile. It forced the Medici into a position of power over the Albizzi family who had originally been the leading family. Once they were gone, a lot of the wealth and power that passed over the Medici family was specifically geared by themselves toward increasing their own magic and supernatural inclination.


During Cosimo's exile, he was still secretly in contact with the rest of the family and in secret they orchestrated rituals with the main goal of generating negative energy around the Albizzi family because they knew that they needed to overcome and eventually destroy their status completely in order to reach a position of influence. They attacked their wealth, which would eventually lead to them going bankrupt. Once crippled, they began to attack specific members of the family, occasionally going as far as cursing the women with the inability to produce children and thus inspire the end of the bloodline - it would often occur in the form of miscarriages or stillbirths. The Medici would sometimes collect the miscarried or stillborn children and use the bodies as temporary vessels to embody power.

This piece is the permanent vessel - the outcome - of one of these rituals in a finalized status.


This piece is the original capsule. It is very old and it opens. Inside of this item is where the collection of power gathered by the many generations of the Medici bloodline is stored. When you open this piece, you will be able to feel the power that has been locked away inside - it is a very noticeable shift in atmosphere. You will feel it all over your body. You will feel it psychically as well because the dual magic of this piece, when it is accessed, attacks the major foundations of the body - your brain, your physical being and your spiritual being. It seeps into every part of you which is what makes the power so extreme.

Once the power has been instilled within you, you will be able to access  a large array of Medici magic, a large amount of which is ancient and condensed so it will take time to get used to. However, once you get used to, it is unlikely that you will not be able to do anything you desire. This includes transformations, psychic awakening or the birthing of new magics and or power. Whatever you desire, this piece is designed to bring forth the manifestation of it.


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