Illuminati Children's Family Jewels
Illuminati Children's Family Jewels
Illuminati Children's Family Jewels
Illuminati Children's Family Jewels

Illuminati Children's Family Jewels

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A few months ago we were called to investigate supernatural activity that was going on in a place in upstate PA. The activity was coming from an abandoned cabin, that according to sources hadn't had anybody living in it, or even visiting it for better than a decade. There really isn't much more to say about it than that. The complaint was that strange lights could be seen beaming from the windows and a strange sensation as if somebody was watching you could felt. I mean there's a reason why the forest where the cabin is located is locally called Watchers-in-the-Woods, but according to locals, it was being taken to the extreme. They said they had searched the cabin and came up empty handed. That's why we were called, to see what we could figured out. Upon thorough investigation, we came across a secret vault, whose door was only triggered when enough weight was put upon a section of the cabin. It slid open from the floor in a way that would leave even the most skill builder confused. Either way, we entered the vault and we were shocked at what we found. As it turns out, it had been the hiding place of escaped Illuminati Child. She had returned to PA, after having been abducted from her family at Disney. We all know how corrupt those people are! The rest is documented below.


We walked into the vault, which smelled like burning incense and a rotting carcass. What we walked into wasn't a very pretty sight. In one corner was an altar upon which was a fresh sacrifice. We didn't get close to it, because we didn't want to risk getting the blood on us. You can never be too careful when it comes to contamination. Blood borne pathogens are not the only risk, if the blood was used to make some kind of curse we would have fallen victim to that as well. Thus, we were not able to tell if the blood sacrifice was human or an animal. We are under the assumption that it was the first, because this is what Illuminati children are taught to do from birth.


What we found in the corner adjacent to altar is what was the biggest surprise of the whole investigation. Stashed in a mini-cauldron was a collection of jewels. It was immediately clear that these jewels were the ones that were used to to train this child and given the fact that there was diamond among these jewels, we knew that we were not only dealing with a very powerful sorcerer, but also one that was at least 18 years old, possibly into their twenties. The reason for this is that the diamond is the most precious jewel given to the Illuminati Children during training. They can only obtain the diamond after years and years and years of abuse and conditioning.


The diamond is the symbol of ultimate Illuminati loyalty and usually signifies complete Illuminati mind takeover. Examples of people who have been awarded a diamond include the Oklahoma City Bomber and that freaky red-headed kid that shot up the movie theater. They are example of the Illuminati children; but it doesn't stop there. They aren't only used to carry out attacks an population control. They are also use to gain wealth. Look at Taylor Swift... in the matter of a few years the Illuminati turned her out from sweet country girl to international pop star. She is also a diamond Illuminati child.


Either way, we knew the that the jewels held great power. They are cornerstone of Illuminati training. Each jewel represents a different level of training that the child has gone through and represents a different type of power that they have gained. They usually are started off with the jewels at the age of around 2 or 3. They are conditioned to love the jewels and told that their main goal in life is to become beautiful like the jewels. Therefore, they have to do whatever they are told and succeed at their training in order to be like the jewels that they covet. Like I've said, the diamond is the highest level, but there are also very other powerful jewels. For instance, a ruby means that they have accomplished training in blood alchemy. An Amethyst means that they have completed sex training. Nobody said it was fair or right, but that's how it is.


The jewels that we found were a collection of powers that had belonged to whomever fled the spot from which they were staying. They must've left in a hurry because the jewels are usually something they don't forget. Either that or they no longer wanted a tie to the world of Illuminati mind control to which they once belonged. Either way, the jewels were left behind. We didn't touch the jewels because a lot of times they are cursed when they are touched by hands other then the owner or their handlers. The handler is the one who tells them what they are going to do and how they are going to do. Since we are neither, what we did was siphon the power and energies from the jewels into this piece. There is no curse associate with this piece, because we merely collected the powers from the jewels and never touched them in any way shape or form.


When you get this piece, there are several powers that you are getting. They correspond to the powers of the jewels that we found in the abandoned cabin. There are five powers altogether, which are all going to be yours when you buy this piece. Below are the types of jewels and the powers to which they correspond.


Ruby-- this signifies blood alchemy. This gives you the ability to transform your body into anything you want it to be. Yes, it means that you can change certain things about yourself. It can give you immortality. It can change you from young to old or old to young. It can change you from fat to skinny and skinny to fat. It can give you a different eye color or heal an imperfection that your body has. The way you use this power to change your body is totally up to you. This is because blood alchemy changes your DNA and will produce the desired effects that you tell the piece you wanted changed.


Opal-- this signifies dimensional travel. Often time Illuminati are used as ambassadors to other places. By other places I mean a collective of destination. It could be another place is space. It could be a dimension parallel to our own where there are some type of enlightened beings. Whatever the case may be, a remote handler can control the actions of a Illuminati child from far away. If the child encounters danger, there is no loss if he or she should be killed. They simply send in a replacement. This piece allows you to open up portals and to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. It is a pretty amazing power, if you ask me, because it works 100% accurately every single time.


Amethyst-- this signifies wealth and fame. As you know, many of the Illuminati children become famous for various talents. This is no mistake. The Illuminati want their "offspring" to be the popular ones, so they can push their hidden agendas. How do you think HRC got so many people to support her?? It's no coincidence at all. They use famous people that they have created to push hidden agendas. What this means for you is that you can use this power to become famous via any means you want. This could be singing, acting, art, or music. It could quilt making if that is really what you're into. Either way, the powers that this jewel has contributed to this piece allows you to become famous for anything you choose.


Jade-- this signifies wealth and the Illuminati have plenty of it. There is no huge explanation for this power, only that it brings wealth. All kinds of wealth!! This wealth will come from various areas of your life and will eventually and thoroughly make you filthy rich. Rich is the lifestyle of the Illuminati and this is the magic that sustains that lifestyle. The riches it brings you will prove that to you.


Diamond-- This is the elitist jewel, even for the Illuminati children. Few attain this power, which brings the knowledge of Illuminati roots. This piece opens up a holographic hall of records that will show you a history of all Illuminati magic and put this magic at your fingertips, so to speak. In other words, you will become all knowing. You will be taken back to the beginning and shown the origins of Illuminati magic. You will be shown the holy Ouroboros and the cyclic nature of human lives and why they aren't able to live outside of their own small existence. You will be given magic and power until your brain hurts from being so powerful. It is an exciting prospect, because much of that magic that we experience in human life comes from Illuminati roots. There is no telling what you will learn and how powerful you will become, because the only thing that makes a different is your drive to learn as much as you can and to become all-powerful!

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