Knights of Virtue, Becoming a God or Goddess | STAR
Knights of Virtue, Becoming a God or Goddess | STAR
Knights of Virtue, Becoming a God or Goddess | STAR
Knights of Virtue, Becoming a God or Goddess | STAR

Knights of Virtue, Becoming a God or Goddess | STAR

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We encounter many secret societies of nefarious nature all of the time but once in a while, we cross paths with ones that are relatively positive in their intentions. The Knights of Virtue are one of the few that we only recently came to discover exist. It wasn't necessarily because they were hiding but, as a secret society, they are particularly good about remaining practically untraceable. In fact, we discovered them a bit by chance.

We were in Toledo, Spain visiting the Toledo Cathedral when we discovered inklings of this societies' existence. The Toledo Cathedral is commonly known for some pretty impressive art and its structural style is, by large opinion, unique. It truly is very beautiful.

Anyway, being inside of the Cathedral, though it is easy to miss, we noticed some oddities. There were markings - most of which were very subtle - in various places among the buildings. The only reason we noticed is because we are always looking for something like them, always looking for things hidden in plain sight because that is when you discover some of the most unique things.

The markings were convoluted - hard to follow - and, at the time, we really couldn't figure out the accordance with one another, not at first anyway. However, we visited the Cathedral a few times before leaving because we just knew that there was something to be discovered their that we were missing. It turns out, we were right.

The Cathedral's secrets are in the artworks. They are not simply timeless and beautiful pieces of creativity to admire, they were related and painted with a specific purpose. Through them, we discovered a secret room that opens up into a wing. It appears almost like an optical illusion, one that, as you walk into the room, it looks as though you are walking directly through or into a painting and disappearing instead from a short distance away.

It opens up to a short hallway that leads to a rather long descending staircase, at the bottom of which there is a very large room that you enter. When we first entered, it appeared empty. However, as we began to snoop around a bit - as you can imagine we were tempted to - we did find ourselves surrounded by multiple people, all of which were hooded. In fact, I will say now that we never, through out this entire experience, saw the entire face of any of these men or women - just their mouths.

We are not sure what would have happened otherwise but it was soon clear that they knew that we were not their with the intention of being a threat. They react in unison almost always and they do not have a noticeable leader and they function on a very equal plain. They answer only to God - or so we were told when we asked about their leader and the general function of their society.

Later, we realized that the paintings in a very abstract way, depict important events experienced by the Knights of Virtue, one of them being the creation of this piece, which was given to us by the Knights themselves who told us before giving it to us that God has instructed them to do so and so they will. They did express that the power of the piece was great and, when we asked why they would be willing to give us an item so valuable, they simply answered that they will not question what God instructs of them because they believe it is done for a reason. In fact, they gave us this item without much hesitation and without interacting with us for long at all and sent us on our way.

We did return one more time before leaving Spain in attempts to explore the room further, figuring that because the Knights knew we were not bad people that it may be something we can talk them into. However, when we attempted to go through the same painting as we did the first time, it would not let us pass. The wall was solid. In fact, the symbol for that particular painting - and many of the others we had seen through the building - had suddenly disappeared as well. We are not sure why.

This piece allows you to speak the name of a god or goddess over it and essentially embody the magic or power of that god or goddess for a period of time - until you utter the name of another. Their power can be summoned for generally any purpose that you require, including rituals that specifically call for the presence of a particular god or goddess. This piece eliminates that issues completely because you will be able to access and use their magic freely during the duration that you allow this piece to be active. It is also useful to access magic or items of power that are only access by any of the gods or goddesses respectively. This item basically allows you to become, if for only a period of time, the god or goddess of your choice through imitation.

Outside of rituals or relic hunting, you can also just choose to use their power freely. Like I said, this item can be used for a wide range of things that could require the power of a god or goddess to achieve. Perhaps you wish to persuade the heart of someone you love with out the possibility of failure? Speak the name of Aphrodite. Perhaps you have to fight a battle of some kind, whether it be physically or mentally? Athena. Perhaps you desire extreme wealth or something else in abundance such as good luck that brings you excess success in large quantities? Renenūtet, perhaps? Perhaps you desire healing or wellness? I hear Isis does it best.

Also note that this item isn't specific to Egyptian gods or goddesses. This pertains to all beings that are viewed as a god or goddess. The only exception that is made with this piece is that you cannot ask for the power of a demon or any other creature whose power is dark. The reason for this is because this item is very neutral and it does not channel the tether you would require for that type of dark magic. That in mind, trust us - you do not want to imitate a demon. Trust us.

You also cannot gain God's power, either. The reason being that the power that resides in this piece was created with the power of God already. It is already constantly making use of his power just to bring you the power of the god or goddess whose name you speak over this item. That single ability, as far as this item goes, is the only one he intended to give and so that is what it does. It's as simple as that.

What the piece gives, in a positive light, is a great deal of boundless power from a source that can bring you positive magic to use. Never wonder again what it would be like to be a god or goddess again. Feel and see it for yourself.

Ring is platinum over sterling silver with Papaya quartz. Size 6.


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