A Rare Indigo Djinn

A Rare Indigo Djinn

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The piece that is being listed is one that was made by a convergence of wealthy sorcerers. They are the ones that have been hired to serve European royalty and assist them in creating their magical pieces. This piece holds an Indigo Djinn, which is one of the rarest types that you can find. The Indigo djinn are part of an elite ruling class of djinn that rule over all the other five classes of Earth djinn that you will be able to find. The pendant at the bottom is the part of this piece that holds the Indigo Djinn. The five roses represent the five classes of Earth djinn and the powers that they own, which you will get when you wear this piece.

The five classes of Earth djinn are as follows:

1.) Fire Djinn, which will grant wishes for you.

2.) Wealth Djinn, which will grant you wealth in many different forms.

3.) Guardian Djinn, which grants you protection from all types of evil. They truly a white light class of djinn.

4.) Wisdom Djinn, which holds the ancient forms of Earth wisdom such as that of the Egyptians, the Mayans, Atlantis, the Sumerians, etc.

5.) Psychic Djinn, which will grant you a full range of psychic powers

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