Heavy Metal Antique Ring w/ Horse, Horseshoe, and Hermes:  The Triple Crown Society
Heavy Metal Antique Ring w/ Horse, Horseshoe, and Hermes:  The Triple Crown Society
Heavy Metal Antique Ring w/ Horse, Horseshoe, and Hermes:  The Triple Crown Society
Heavy Metal Antique Ring w/ Horse, Horseshoe, and Hermes:  The Triple Crown Society

Heavy Metal Antique Ring w/ Horse, Horseshoe, and Hermes: The Triple Crown Society

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This is a multipurpose piece that holds very powerful metaphysical and supernatural magic. The piece was created for a secret gathering of the American elite, American royalty if you will. This secret gathering included members of families such as the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Vanderbilts, and the Astors. Of course, it was not limited to these families and the group is also rumored to contain names such as Procter, Gamble, and Johnson as well. I'm sure with such names you can understand why I told you that this group could be considered royalty.

Together, the secret society that was made up of these influential families was called the Crown Jewel Society. At first, the families met together to figure out how they could rig the horse races that they were betting on in order to win more wealth for themselves. Hence, they called themselves the Triple Crown Society. They use Masonic magic and other outside influences to manipulate the races to keep the wealth among the members of their group. This helped them to win even more wealth than they already had amassed, however, it wasn't long after the founding of the Crown Jewel Society that they began to branch out into other sectors. It wasn't enough that the magic that they had would bring them great luck on race day, they were hungry for more, so more is what they got.

It wasn't long before society became a driving force in shaping the future of American. They began gobbling up enterprises left and right, even convincing Henry Ford and other names to join their coalition of luck and wealth. Their meetings became rituals, during which they would develop all sorts of magic, but the basis and foundation of what they created were to always generate wealth for those involved in their society. Again, they did this by utilizing magic. One of the types of magic they used for this was Hermetic magic. This included using alchemy in order to develop a chokehold on the American economy and it wasn't long until a few people owned most of the country.

Was this luck? Yeah, they were extremely lucky to be the domineering magical force that they had become, but they were far from their days of using magic to grant them luck during horse racing. Either way, all I'm saying is that soon their magic shifted from granting luck to purely granting extreme wealth. Like I said earlier, they granted some other minor forms of magic but the majority of what they created for themselves was luck and wealth.

Present-day, the Triple Crown Society not only controls American society, but they are a huge part of the people who make up the Illuminati. They not only control the country, but they now have a significant say in what goes on in the entire world. The people have become greedy to the point where they practice not only Hermetic magic but just about anything to make sure they retain their power and wealth. This includes Satanic magic and this is often referenced in performances during awards ceremonies, in commercials, or other forms of creative art. The goal still remains the same-- WEALTH.

The piece you are receiving is a vintage initiation ring that was once used by the Crown Jewel Society to grant their newest member extreme luck and extreme wealth. Yes, this was originally meant to be used in horse racing, but with the sport pretty much dying, this piece was designed to be used to gain luck and wealth by any means possible, however, you want it. In order to activate this piece, there is a ritual that must be performed. It isn't hard, but it is necessary if you want to gain the magic of the piece.

First, you will wear your piece. You will light a candlestick. by the light of that candle, you will write down what kind of luck and/or wealth you are looking for. This can range anywhere from luck in wealth to luck in love, to luck in magic. Or, this can be something like wealth in business, wealth in real estate, wealth in inheritance, I want a job promotion, I want to win at the casino, something like that. You are going to fold this piece of paper and put it in a plain white envelope. You are then going to seal that envelop by allowing the wax from your candle to drip onto the opening of the envelope. Use the face of this ring to create a seal by pushing it down in the wax. That is when the magic of this piece will be activated and what you have written on the inside will come to you. It might take a little bit of time, but the magic will come to you.

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