14K Gold Bracelet with possible diamonds:Genesa Foundation and Their Egyptian Magic
14K Gold Bracelet with possible diamonds:Genesa Foundation and Their Egyptian Magic
14K Gold Bracelet with possible diamonds:Genesa Foundation and Their Egyptian Magic
14K Gold Bracelet with possible diamonds:Genesa Foundation and Their Egyptian Magic

14K Gold Bracelet with possible diamonds:Genesa Foundation and Their Egyptian Magic

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This piece is 14k gold and I'm not sure about the stones. These could very well be diamonds because of the cut and they are in 14k gold. I’m not advertising them as diamonds because they have not been tested. This is the last piece I have of these. This was mine and I can tell you the color of the stones never changed and they are all pronged or set very deep in the gold but again, I don’t know if they are diamonds. This does hold the hold of the original gold capstone.  I kept mine for a long time because mine was much different then the pendant. Mine did everything listed below but it held a much stronger supernatural magic. For one mine came holding a entity called Catsantic. This entity was a living spirit form entity that could open time portals and place you back in history. It showed genetic impossibilities between human and animals being conducted by both ancient Egyptians, Germans and Aliens, all working together. Catsantic called these time jumps or looks into the past ripples. Ripples are different then moving back in time and are more like waves or to best describe it like laying double Dutch where you jump in. You also jump out. Apparently this has been going on for ages and much of what is learned is and has been brought back to our time. One of the unique things I saw was a small top that was a magnet that powered entire buildings. There was also an herb that opened the mind to where it wasn’t just your mind but you could physically go. This herb was in the form of super fine crystals of which I have been working on. There is a lot to this piece and now you can read the rest.


This is from the now gone Genesa Foundation which was a group in Egypt that worked with the pyramids to capture and hold the rare energy of the ancient structures, pyramids included during certain times of the year. They said that during certain times of the year doors inside of the pyramids would open and that they held proof! They must have had this proof because they did get permission to go inside every single time they wanted to. You don't get permission from the Egyptian government easily. It is not just that government though but we have the USA taking up the area too. Of course our military refuses to say why but this has been going on for years. Something was found that was inexplainable and that something they wanted kept quiet. In fact one of the reasons the Genesa Foundation shut was because after one thing THEY discovered they were never allowed back inside. It was around that time that both governments revoked permission for the Genesa Foundation to go back in.


It gets weirder!


The foundation says they no longer need to get it and are fine with it. So okay right? Not so fast it seems that one by one they are killed off just like those wanting to testify against Hillary! After 8 out of 20 members are dead the rest go underground. They were certainly fast learners and felt that they obviously wanted to live! While they do still operate they do so secretly and they have to in all honesty with what they discovered.


This piece and it makes me so happy to say holds part of the original gold capstone. I thought what I had was it and those are long gone. This is not just part of the capstone ( the gold part) but it also holds a beam of power that was the contained energy of the structures which include the pyramids. This piece was made not to long ago and it not only holds energy and magical power from Egypt but from pyramids all over the world.


I know that the stones in the gold  can be used as a beam. The beam is actually a signal that calls out to certain stars in the sky. This creates a window that opens for you for your thoughts to become telepathic and for your thoughts to become physically created. This also allows and WILL allow communication with those on a different star system which would include other beings already known to us, angels and those that are not, aliens.


This piece also acts as a third eye but one that shoots a beam of power to your intended target or object. This is also done using telepathy which acts like you reaching out to gain what you want or cause something you want to happen.


This also comes with a teacher called Catsantic  who is one of the spirits of Napoleon. This is NOT Napoleon but a spirit that he came in contact with in a form that humans can understand and be scared of. This spirit can channel the magic of the Ark of the Covenant, the Crystal Shrine, the underground Mercury lake of magic and the invisible army of man.


While the magic sounds complicated it is but it won't be for you. This all acts in a telepathic way and just is. This is one of those pieces that to possess it you have it.


This is one of a kind and the only one I have. This is the last one.

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