3,000 Year-Old Scarab Stone; Power Like You've Never Experienced
3,000 Year-Old Scarab Stone; Power Like You've Never Experienced

3,000 Year-Old Scarab Stone; Power Like You've Never Experienced

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If you are looking for a piece that is going to blow your mind then this is the one. You would think that acquiring this piece would have taken some extravagant investigation or even some exploration. It took neither. In fact, the way that Deedee got this piece makes it one of the most original pieces that we have ever come across. This is because we did not seek out these powers. Instead, these powers sought us out. Well, they specifically sought out Deedee. By powers I mean the entity that is attached to this piece sought Deedee out. While she was away at the Underground Auction, the entity attached itself to her. I don't know if this was an entity that was originally in another piece or if it was just a loose spirit roaming around the grounds of the paranormal convention. Either way, it doesn't matter. The entity chose Deedee as its medium of choice, attached itself to her, and hitched a ride back home.

Things seemed normal for the first couple of days. I think the first time that I noticed anything out of the ordinary was a week after she had come back from the auction and the investigations that she was doing while he was away. At first, it wasn't anything big. It was just little things. For instance, she would just zone out and stare, but her eyes would go crazy as if she was seeing something. When I questioned her she said it was nothing. She said that she must have been daydreaming. I didn't believe her, but I didn't make a big deal about it. when she started speaking some odd language is when I made a big deal about it. We were sitting at a table working on some project on another. I can't remember. All of a sudden her eyes went glassy and she stopped speaking. All she did was stare. That's when the other voice started speaking. It wasn't her voice. It was one that I had never heard her speak before. It was after this that I told her that there was something that needed to be done about the situation. I suggest having some kind of ritual done and we were going to call Tomer over to help with it. Alas, nothing really needed to be done about it, because it would all work itself out later that evening.

The following day when Deedee came to the office, she had quite the story to tell me about what happened to her the night before. She assured me that she knew she wasn't dreaming because she had been given a piece by the entity that had appeared to her. She told me that she was walking into the library when all of a sudden her surroundings change. She was no longer in her home. She said she could only speculate that it was somewhere in Egypt. This is because she found herself in the midst of very sand terrain. In front of her, the desert stretched out for miles. Next to her was a gold a sarcophagus. The sarcophagus had some sort of inscription on it, but Deedee said it was too ancient for her to be able to make out. She looked all around her and there was nothing else. It was at that point that she looked down at the sarcophagus and made eye contact with it. She suddenly found herself being pulled through the annals of time. On the other side, there was an entity that showed himself to her.

The entity that showed itself to Deedee was unlike anything she had ever seen before. The entity was somewhat of a humanoid creature, but at first, she couldn't really tell. It appeared to her in an all black flowing robe. At first, his face was not exposed, so she couldn't really tell what was going on. She just stood there in silence, staring at the creature. The creature then began to speak and as it spoke, the veil that was covering his face was removed. Behind the veil, the entity was exposed. His face was half solid skull and the other half was that of an ancient scarab. Above his head was a triangle shaped pyramid that followed wherever he went. It was almost like some type of pyramid or crown. In the center of this pyramid crown was a living, moving eyeball. The eye couldn't leave the pyramid but just moved about inside of it, looking from side to side, up and down. A light shown from the eyeball like it was the largest and most radiant diamond in the entire universe. She connected with the eyeball on a telepathic level and she could see the millions of thoughts that came floating into the eye from all different directions. It was as if the eye was seeing all things happening on Earth at once. It was absorbing the thoughts and setting them into the pyramid.

It was at this point in her visions that the creature spoke to Deedee saying, "I am the Seer of All Things. I am neither mortal nor immortal because I am not of this world. I am part of the universe. I am the recorder. I am everything that has ever happened and I am everything that will ever happen." He held out his hand and dropped something into Deedee's hand, closing it around the item. In that instance, Deedee said she was hit with the energy of thousands of volts of electricity. She felt like a passenger in her own body. It was at this point that she felt herself physically change shape into that of an angel. Before she knew what was happening she felt herself soaring through Heaven, looking down on cities with streets of gold with ivory castles and hoards of other angels. She was mentally connected to those angels and she could hear their thoughts like a choir of a thousand voices singing at once. She could hear the secrets of Heaven. She could hear the powers and magic of all the other angels. It was overwhelming, but she could hear what each individual angel was saying. Then, in a flash, she felt her shape-changing again. This time she was changing into the shape of a spotted cat. She let out a blood-curdling scream as she ran after her prey in the jungle. It was a very vivid experience and although she was running extremely fast, she could see everything as if it were slow-motion. She could see a bird fly by overhead. She could hear the steps of the other animals in the jungle. She could see everything all at once. Then, as quickly as she was changed into the cat, she was back in her human form. The whole point of these experiences was to show her what the magic in the piece could do for her.

Back in her human form, she was taken to the Great Pyramid of Giza. She was taken inside of the pyramid, to passageways that have yet to be discovered by man and probably never will be. The Seer explained that these passages are the many solar systems of reality and the many planes of existence. Each plane of existence is present with the pyramid. They stopped at these chambers that were lit up with fire. He told her that these were the many different worlds and that each world holds its own powers. She was taken to a world where she was able to witness firsthand the pyramids being built by aliens with their powers to materialize things out of thin air. It was strange, she said, because she knew she was inside of the Pyramid, but at the same time, she was watching the pyramid be born. She said it was this point that she understood what the Seer meant when he said that he was neither mortal nor immortal because he wasn't of the world, but the universe. Time stood still and she finally understood. She spent the next several hours exploring the tunnels with the Seer. She came across many different planes of existence with many different powers. She witnessed all the powers of God and Jesus and their white light powers including the Book of Life and Tree of Knowledge. She was taken to the extraterrestrial planet when they all swam through the air like fish but could materialize whatever they wanted with a sequence of blinks of the eye. She went to one world where ancient Atlantis was revived and in perfect shape. She was able to visit the elders. She went to a plane of existence where Mayan magic was perfectly preserved, where the Mayans lived outside of time, where everyone was immortal, thanks to the powers of the Long and Short Count Calendar. Everything you've ever know or heard about is present in these tunnels in the pyramid. She said there isn't a power or ability that can't be had by using this piece and simply visiting old places and new places that you haven't ever heard of yet. It's like a puzzle and system of undiscovered realities and powers that you gain access to.

The power is held within this piece. The piece that was given to Deedee came from the pyramid and was brought to Earth by extraterrestrials. You will see when looking at this piece that it hold the Scarab Stone. This is the energized piece where all the magic comes from. It will allow you to travel to the passageways in the pyramids, just as Deedee has traveled there. It will allow you to explore all of existence and to gain a universal knowledge of existence while gaining all the magic that you want or need. Travel throughout many worlds and planes of existence through the universe with this piece that has recorded all of the time. Gain the knowledge of the extraterrestrials and of places far, far away, Gain the knowledge and magic of Heaven, or whatever place you want to. We are not sure if the band on this piece is real gold or not, but after experiencing the powers of the 3,000 Scarab Stone, you won't need to worry about whether the band is gold or not. I mean 3000 years old! You will own a very magic, very powerful part of history that basically will take you where you want and will help you gain whatever powers you want. What more could you ask for? This is by far, one of the most powerful items that we have ever offered.

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