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When it comes to superstars, there probably none as beloved as Lucille Ball. She was the inspiration behind the show "I Love Lucy" and later on the "the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour". Much of her success was attributed to her involvement with husband Desi Arnaz, but this can't necessarily be substantiated, because she was famous on her own as well. If anything, they can both attribute their successes to the occult.

Before their divorce on May 4, 1960, the duo embarked upon one of the most turbulent marriages that has ever been witnessed by the public eye. This included a brief stint where they almost got divorced but then reunited before it was settled. It was during this time that they both joined an "alternative spiritualist" group led by the former followers of Aleister Crowley.

At the point in time that Desi and Lucy joined the group they were at a low point in their marriage. After joining the group and going to several gatherings and covert meetings with the group, the emerged stronger than ever. It was after this they achieved great success as a performing duo.

The cause of their success and specifically Lucy's success was the magic that was set into an item that was created for her. This item summons the powers of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis who bestowed upon her three gifts. The first gift that was bestowed upon her was the gift of fame. It was the ability for Lucy to do what she loved and to get rich doing it. The second power bestowed into this piece was beauty. This obviously worked hand in hand with the powers fame/wealth powers. The more beautiful a person appears, the more likely they are to be a Hollywood star. So this piece allowed Lucy to appear in her most beautiful form at all times.

Lastly, Lucy was given the power of seduction. This wasn't given to her as a means to be able to lure people back into her bedroom, although she certainly could have. This was given to her as an ability to seduce the minds of others in order to get out of them all that she wanted. This was the trio of power that was put into this piece for Lucy by the goddess Isis. Present day, this piece is still going strong. When worn, this piece emanates the same powers from the goddess Isis that were given to Lucille Ball so many years ago. When you own this piece you will be able to gain pure beauty. You will able to become famous by doing whatever it is you choose to do. You will get wealthy doing it. Lastly, you will gain the power of seduction of the mind that way you can get what you want out of the people you do business with.

This piece has been used by many celebrities to gain fame and fortune. It's not so important how we got this piece, it's only important that we have it and that you can use it, too!

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