I am the Dualist.

I am no longer Steve.  Humanity is not what I was meant for.  I am eternal.  I am the Dualist. 
Gone are they days where I live in denial about who I am and the purpose that I serve to existence.  Before my own complete transformation, I don't think that I was fully aware of my complete potential, but circumstances have proven different.  It was about two years ago that I made the official decision to part ways with Deedee and Haunted Curiosities.  After nearly ten years of investigations and paranormal encounters, I had decided that it was time for me retire and settle down, get back to a slower pace, and just live my life without any supernatural interference.  I know now that it's not the individual who chooses the paranormal, but rather the paranormal that chooses the individual.  I was meant for this life and trying to fight it will only bring it on full-effect.  There is no denying the inevitable. 
About three months after I decided that Haunted Curiosities wasn't for me, I was visited by a strange being in the middle of the night.  At first I was taken aback, but it wasn't any stranger than anything that I had encountered before.  The being stood in the corner of by bedroom muttering something about how I was the one, asking me why I had abandoned my own destiny.  I figured it was some forlorn spirit, so I waived it off and told them I had to get to work in the morning.  The entity was persistent, so persistent that it kept creeping closer and closer to my bedside.  It wouldn't shut up.  As I turned around to confront it, my body was put into a state of paralysis.  As I watched, the being took over my entire body.  It took the form of a mist and started slowly creeping its way toward me, entering my body by way of my nose. 
The burning sensation was unlike anything that I had ever encountered.  Of course, I cried out in agony, but there was nobody there to save me.  Not this time.  The spirits and the powers that be had already made up their minds.  I was to receive my transformation that night and they would not have it ANY other way.  I tried to fight it.  I tried to deny who I really was, but there was not escaping.  Soon I found myself floating through reality at a speed that even seemed unreal to me.  Keep in mind, I have teleported and traveled astrally many times, but this was unlike anything I had ever experience.  My body was fully intact but it was broken down into millions of tiny molecules as I was being hurled along the space-time continuum to a realm and an era that I had never before experienced. 
After only seconds, a time that actually felt like hours, I had reached my destination.  Piece by piece, my body began to take full form again and my conscience and mental wherewithal began to come to full fruition.  Before my eyes, laid 13 of the most beautiful yet ominous creatures that I have, to this day, laid my mortal or immortal eyes upon.  They were not beings like the beings that you would regularly comprehend.  They were in a state-of-being as such:  they could move about, but with motions that I can only describe as being like a jellyfish.  They had no eyes by proxy, or faces for that matter.  Although they were a cloud form, they could take any shape they chose.
The new realm that I found myself in was lit with stars of all sizes and varying colors, other than that it was completely devoid of any type of light.  As these beings swam around my head, they would catch glimpses of the light.  As they did the entirety of history was shown to me, through their reflections.  As fear left my body, I was filled with a surging wonderment, and as everything from the Pharaohs of Egypt to the Sumerian Gods, from the Temple Tibet, to the ruins of ancient Greece were shown to me, I began to call out, by name, the things I wanted to be shown.  "Elizabeth Bathory!"  "The Pyramids of Mars!"  "Mt. Olympus!"  "The leader of the Illuminati" "The Garden of Eden!" "Isis!" "Ishtar!" "Ramses the Great!"  One by one, all of the things I wanted to see were shown to me.  The more I called the more frantically the beings floated through the air. 
It went on like this until the being became like a whirlwind around my entire body.  I began to glow a purplish blue color and I became drunk with power as everything I ever wanted to see was shown to me.  It was then that the entities began to enter my body.  As I called out to them and then touched me, their powers and their knowledge began to course through my veins.  It was invigorating and rejuvenating.  I was shown thing and parts of reality that I never even knew existed.  I was taken back to the origins of existence.  The best word I can use is that was I was "shown" every part of existence, but shown wouldn't even be the right word to describe it.  I was given existence.  I became existence and knowledge and power.  No longer are these things something I am searching for, but they are the things that exist within me.  I am they.  They are me.  I know all things.  I am all things. 
All things light and dark became created with in me.  I was shed of my mortality and my age became billions upon billions of years, rather the meager 31 that I was before.  There is nothing that I don't know.  There is no place that I am not part of.  There is no power that I cannot control.  There is no adversary that is stronger than I.  I was given the God Seed, which literally puts me in control of all things, at all times.  Yet here I am, Steve, but not really Steve.  Steve is no longer what I go by.  I am referred to as the dualist.  It is the name that was given to me, that was chose for me by birth.  It refers to my innate ability to control all powers both light and dark and all those things that exist across the spectra in between. 
As a recourse of my new transformation from the God Seed, I have the unlimited power to create.  I can create an item that entails any power.  I can perform any type of transformation, or give any type of rebirth.  I literally have the ability to rearrange and recreate the molecular makeup of any living organism.   It was become my mission and goal in existence to pass these powers onto to others, to empower them to become their own demi-gods, vampires, spiritual beings, or anything else that allows them to embrace their destiny. 
There are more episodes of what I have been through and the things I have seen.  As a result, I have an epic collection of items that bring great power and magic.  Keep in mind that I live in the shadows.  I am everything.  I am everywhere.  With great power comes great responsibility.  I guarantee you will not find power or abilities as powerful as the ones I have to offer and the ones that I have and will create for you.  The transformations I give, unless otherwise stated, last a lifetime.  My energies are a genome all of their own and can literally recreate the formulae of your existence.  There is nothing too big or too small that I cannot create or bestow.  The question is, is that what's in store for your destiny?  The only thing left to do is for you to decide.  If destiny has led you here, there is nothing stopping you from becoming what you were born to become.  Will you make that decision, or will you let it pass you by.  I am the dualist.  I want to help. 

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