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It can be said that in ancient Greek times the most powerful of beings was the Oracle at Delphi.  Although, there existed ancient wizards and magicians that could arguably be some of the most powerful entities to ever have existed, none of them received the same esteem as the Oracle.  No king would go war, no major changes would be made, no endeavor would be sealed without the approval of the Oracle.  Even Alexander the Great consulted in the Oracle before he would go to war to expand the territories of Greece.  For 1000 years the Oracle dictated prophecies to the rulers of Greek city-states.  The Oracle predicted not only the Trojan War, but many other events that have happened in Ancient Greece and continue to happen throughout the modern world as we know it today.  

Although there were other minor Oracles throughout Greece, the Delphi Oracle is long known to be the most powerful.  This is because Greece is the absolute center of the Universe.  I mean, scientifically it isn't; however, in Delphi there is a spirit vortex, through which spirits, entities, and gods alike can enter the mortal realm.  It is here that the God Apollo slew a giant snake that was terrorizing Delphi.  The snake, coming from another world apart form our own, held magical powers.  After Apollo slew the serpent, he threw him into a field where his powers were released on Earth.  The Delphi Oracle is the one being that can interpret this power to make sense of it.  Just like the shepherd prophet who first encountered the vapors from the snake, the snakes powers (which only exist in esoteric form now) give the Oracles visions into the future to see how things will pan out.  
In modern times, it appears the Oracles were a mere story told by the Greeks to make reasons, but I can assure you that the Oracle at Delphi is still strong and still holds all the powers of what is the center of the spiritual universe.  This piece calls upon the Oracle at Delphi.  In fact, it holds a succession of the three of the Oracles who have served as the Oracle of Delphi.  With this piece you will be able to call upon your triad of Oracles.  You will be able to use their powers to see 1,000 years into the past and future.  
You will be able to use these powers to change your course of action, or to see into the past to see others powers and abilities to make them your own.  By looking into the future you will be able to change your course of destiny, because every action that you make will make a different future for you.  If you want a future of wealth and prosperity, this is what your Oracles will show you.  If you want a future of power and magic, this is what the Oracles will show.  With this item you will be able to alter your future to make it contain whatever it is you want.  
Even when a persons see's how to change the future they might not always have the means to put it into place. With the World Wide Globe,the Blue stone, the power and the means is given to you.
I was given this piece as a gift when I was freed of my slavery by becoming more powerful. The Oracle's placed the ring in my hand and told me I was powerful and now free so that I may create my own destiny which I did. This ring is a size 6 and is sterling.

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