Aceldama, the Field of Blood
Aceldama, the Field of Blood
Aceldama, the Field of Blood
Aceldama, the Field of Blood
Aceldama, the Field of Blood

Aceldama, the Field of Blood

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THE ONLY ONE LEFT. Read to the bottom to understand why it is made the way it is.

Sometimes the story of the item at hand is much more important than where it came from.  This is especially true when we are talking about the piece at hand.  By psychic instinct I was led to  a place., called Aceldama.  
Aceldama is the plot of land that Judas Iscariot hung himself on after he realized what he had done.  Ever since, the land has been considered cursed for the ages.  Aceldama is the place where I received this piece after gaining a psychic connection to the land itself.  

The item tells a different story than most.  Although it doesn't completely absolve Judas of his betrayal, it paints a different picture.  It suggests that the betrayal of Jesus was a work of God.  Christ, in all his valor, already knew that the Sanhedrin were coming for him.  He needed a tool to lead him to where he was.  Judas was the perfect fit, because he was already beginning to sow seeds of dissent among the disciples.  
This item is an ancient piece and I received it after a strange happening at modern day Aceldama.  I was passing through the area on my way to another investigation when I was hit with a very strong psychic urge that told me I must visit the place called Aceldama.  The place is now surrounded by stone walls and lies in ruins for the most part.  Aceldama has since been home to many other structures, including an abandoned monastery.  
When I walked into the field of blood my psychic intuition began screaming at me.  I knew at once that I had reached the destination that was drawing me in.  I took in all of the antiquity of the place, realizing that I was standing directly in the spot where Judas Iscariot hung himself.  It was kind of humbling, even for a person who has obtained immortality and has lived a very long life.  
As I made my way through the area, I noticed that everything else began to fade away.  I could no longer see the things around me and the silhouette of a tree on the far side of the premises began to take form.  It was the only thing that was present.  Everything else faded away to nothing.  I began to make out the tree and I could see a body hanging from it.  I knew at once this must be Judas Iscariot.  I made my way over to the tree.  
The nearer I got to the tree, the more clearly I could see that there were not one figures but two.  The first figure was Judas Iscariot hanging from the tree.  The second figure was Jesus Christ post-Crucifixion.  He was wearing his crown of thorns and as I watched, Judas fell from the tree, spilling open upon the ground.   His blood began to mix with savior's blood .  When the bloods mixed and hit the ground, I could hear a hissing sound, as the blood began to boil.
The ground began to steam, so I got closer to see if I could notice anything abnormal.  Where the steam was coming from, I noticed there was something laying on the ground.  It was born of the two bloods and I could see the item plain as day.  I picked the item up and as I did the eyes of Judas opened up and gazed upon me, as did Jesus' eyes.  They were feeding me information about this item and it all began to make sense.  At that moment, things began to return to normal.  Obviously, I took the piece me.     
This piece has been made from the silver that Judas received in exchange for the betrayal of Jesus.  The center of this piece contains the spilled blood of Judas Iscariot, but not only his blood.  It also contains the blood of Jesus Christ, and this is why.  After Judas hung himself, Jesus went to visit his body.  As I have told you, he visited Judas in his post-crucifixion form and bled on Judas.  This caused Judas' sins to be absolved given the circumstance.  Jesus fully understood that in order for the prophecies to come true that Judas' betray was necessary, so he forgave him.  This is also why he looked up to God while on the cross, saying, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."
Last, but not least, you will notice that on one side of this pendant there is a pearl stuck into the blood.  This represents the passage when Jesus tells us not to throw our pearls before the swine.  This represent the Godly wisdom that we are all born with, but choose not to use because we are wrapped up in mortal material possessions and other worldly things.  It is a reminder that if we truly want to, we can also be like God.  He made us in His image and we all be minor gods if we choose to be.  
As I have said, this piece is one of the original pieces of silver Judas was paid for betraying Jesus.  The blood in the middle of it is the blood of both Judas and Jesus Christ.  The pearl is the pearl of wisdom that is given to us to become like gods.  This is a very, very powerful piece.  This piece has the ability to transform your entire being.  It has the ability to make you exist as your own god and be able to create what you want to create.  
This piece allows you to do all things, as it is created by the authority of the living God.  You may have cast your pearl before the swine, but this piece allows you to bring it back.  We all experience the fall from grace during birth, so it is our job as humans to seek out our Godlike transformation during our lifetime.  This item will fast-forward you from whatever stage you are in to your fully complete transformation, where you will exist as God.  
This transformation is extremely powerful.  You will all of a sudden be catapulted to the forefront of existence where you will be able to not only know all things, but to see all things.  You will be able to see what people clear across the world are doing.  You will be able to see all secrets, all secret powers, all secret meetings, etc.  You will be able to see those who are on the side of Holiness and those who conspire against it.  You will be able to see all powers and all magic that have been created, including the ability to replicate and use all of these things.  This means that any type of magic that has been used ever, even if it has only been used once, you will now gain the ability to use.  
This piece allows you to see into all forms of existence, as you are now seeing through the eyes of God.  You will be able to behold all of Gods other creations, which could probably explain the whole "aliens" thing.  You will be able to see all other forms of existence and the galaxies they exist in.  You will gain the knowledge of their magic and powers, too.  It is quite amazing when you stop to think about it.  This piece literally will allow you to do anything.  When you are in control of everything, there is nothing you can't do.    
As mentioned before, this piece has been made out of real sterling silver, real dried blood.  This is the one I have kept for years. The three twist sterling bands are for the trinity and the stone sits against your skin which holds multiple blood drops. This is one of the rarest pieces! This is the only one left!

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