Eater of Hearts, the Great of Death
Eater of Hearts, the Great of Death

Eater of Hearts, the Great of Death

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I would like to begin by simply saying that this piece is one of the more powerful pieces that I have gathered in my arsenal.  I have a lot of rare items and I have traveled the world to get them.  I am not implying that I do not have any items more powerful that this, but the power in this piece is so original and so unique that I really had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that maybe it was time to pass it on.  Simply put, my theory on magic is that when you have gotten all that you possibly can get out of something, then it is time to move it along.  Of course, that theory will change depending on the person you speak to.  The people who once holed me up in captivity in France seemed to think that they should be in control of all the magic in the world.  This is because they do not understand, nor will they ever understand, that magic is cyclic.  In order for it to survive it has to be revived and refreshed by new hands.  
When speaking about magic, in particular alchemy, there is none quite so powerful as the alchemy of the soul.  Yes, there are those that have mastered the ability to turn iron and lead into silver and gold.  That is a fantastic muse and these people can gain all the riches of this world that they desire.  They are missing the true point of alchemy, though.  By its most basic definition, alchemy is the ability to transform anything based on the metaphysical properties of said organism.  For example, the metaphysical properties of lead, when acted upon by outside magical forces, will transform the lead into gold.  There are certain types of magic that can transform the soul as well.  The soul of a human being is the most highly energetic metaphysical force that exists on this planet.  This is because our souls are the life force that has allowed us to become the entities that we are.  They are a reflection of the God that exists at the center of the universe, however you believe in such a God.  Either way, it is an energy source and we have all be created in its image.  When we die, we shall return to whence we came, to be like gods ourselves... if we are worthy.
In Egyptian culture, the people knew this to be all too literal, especially with the deity known as Ammit.  Ammit is the deity responsible for the disposition of those souls who were not pure enough to enter into the realms of Osiris and enjoy an afterlife of immortality.  Ammit was not a deity of worship, but rather reflected all the fears of the Egyptian people.  She was called the Devourer of the Dead, the Eater of Hearts, and the Great of Death.  Despite the fact that she was a metaphysical entity, she was physically represented by an anamorphic creature that was part lion, part hippopotamus, and part crocodile... the three fiercest "man-eaters" of Egyptian time.  You can tell that the Egyptians really feared Ammit, and like Christians of today, their human lives would eventually get judged accordingly.  
Ammit lives near the scales of justice in a land called Duat, the Egyptian underworld.  Upon death, the body is transported into the Hall of Two Truths.  Here, Anubis weighs the heart of the newly deceased against the feather of Ma'at, the goddess of Truth.  If the heart is pure, it is lighter than the feather.  These souls are remitted to the realms of Osiris.  If the heart is not pure, it is devoured by Ammit.  Once the heart is swallowed by Ammit, the soul becomes restless and haunting for ever.  This is called the second death.  The hearts and souls that are eaten by Ammit are returned to Earth, to endlessly walk the face of the Earth in the spiritual realms.  I'm sure that you can imagine there are too many of the souls to be counted, as people are not always perfect little angels.  Mistakes are made, we learn from them, but unfortunately those mistakes follow us.  Sometimes these mistakes even follow us to eternity.  
Never mind how I came across this piece, you probably would not believe me.  I guess the fact that you believe that I am an immortal born in the 1800s in quite enough.  It is not something the mere human mind is faced with having to comprehend on a regular basis.  They are all so used to their cycles of life and death, anything that strays from this path is a nuisance and an abnormality.  What I will share with you is that this piece has been made by a fellow immortal who was born well before I was; and by born I mean he was around well before my mortal and immortal birth.  He was around when the Egyptian culture was still fledgling and he may have been around even before that.  He is the one from whom I got this piece, for a heavy price. but we will not get into that.  
This piece resurrects the soul of the goddess Ammit.  In the beginning I told you that this piece embodies a lot of differently types of powers and that is because it does.  There are so many different facets of this deity that lend to the powers that are held within.  For instance, with this piece when you summon Ammit, you can use her energies to obtain your own immortality.  This is because she is the gateway that stands between you and your ability to become immortal.  With her powers, though, this becomes fully and entirely possible.  She also has the ability to influence karma and destiny.  As you are the one who owns this piece, you can use her power to influence your destiny, because she is a goddess of destiny.  You can ask her directly for those thing you desire the most for your life.  It could be riches, it could be favorable health, it could be sustained success.  Whatever the case may be, it can be accomplished by the powers of Ammit that are embodied in this item.  All you have to do is ask Ammit to grant you a particular destiny and you can consider the deed done.  
Finally, this piece will eat souls accordingly.  As I have already told you, there are millions of stray souls whose hearts have been devoured by Ammit.  Ammit knows them all, for she has a keen memory.  Not all of these souls are entirely useless, just not judged worthy of immortality with Osiris.  These souls hold things such as sacred knowledge, forms of magic, magical powers.  This piece will give you the full ability to use Ammit's ability to eat souls.  Well, you will not be eating them.  Rather, she will be doing the munching.  You will just be reaping the success.  When using this piece you can seek out souls with knowledge and powers that you want.  Ammit will then eat the soul you have chosen and pass whatever powers/knowledge/abilities the soul possesses onto you.  This way, you can create your own arsenal of powers and abilities according to those you most desire.  
This is a very powerful piece and should be treated as such.  It is a more contemporary piece, but I assure you, the powers within are ancient.  

Sterling silver

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