Buckled in Love and Reunited in the Afterlife
Buckled in Love and Reunited in the Afterlife

Buckled in Love and Reunited in the Afterlife

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This piece holds a love spell that we have been using for a while now. It was given to us through communication with a man named William who was quite the spellcaster. William wasn't one of many words. This isn't to say he was anti-social, he was just somewhat of the social anxiety type. When he met the girl of his dreams, it was hard for him to convey what he was thinking, so he made a necklace and gave it to her. This necklace, somehow or another, ended up with us and we have already sold that piece. However, this piece refreshed and renews the power of the spell that William created.

The spell creates a tight bond, where you and the person of your choosing will be "buckled" in love for the rest of your human lives. In fact, the bond is so strong that it lasts even into death, that way you and your eternal love will be reunited in the spiritual planes. This piece assures that your love will reach far beyond the typical mortal means. It isn't quite clear in the Bible whether we will know people the same way we know them on Earth, so if you do not want to lose that one person who has been your soulmate, then this is the piece or you.

In order to activate the powers in this piece, you will wear it and recited the following, three times--

"One ring to show our love. One ring to bind us. One ring to seal our love and forever to entwine us." This is symbolic of the three stages of love that this piece allows you to go through in order to seal the bond. It is a fantastic and very powerful love item!

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