Keepers of the Sphinx, the Sphinx's Eye
Keepers of the Sphinx, the Sphinx's Eye

Keepers of the Sphinx, the Sphinx's Eye

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This piece is extremely unique in the powers that it offers.  We only found the piece, because we were on an investigation, following a lead that was given to us by a customer, under condition that if we ever indeed found what they had tipped us off on, we would provide them with a copy of the piece.  So, congratulations, you know who you are and you will be receiving your piece soon.  
If you thought the only grandiose mountain structure in the United States of America was Mt. Rushmore, then you should probably think again.  Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, in Tennessee is a replica of the Great Sphinx of Egypt.  It is not nearly as big and it is hidden among the mountains in such a way that unless you are really searching for it , you are never going to casually stumble upon it.  
The Sphinx was built by the Native Americans in accordance to a manuscript that was gifted to them by the ancient Egyptians, when the first arrived on the shore of America in the way, way back BC years, before anybody else ever started sailing the ocean in their royal ships.  Most people didn't even know that the Egyptians were seafaring people, but the artifacts that are located in Tennessee will tell you otherwise.  
The magic that was used to construct the Sphinx is an exact replica of the magic that was used to create the Sphinx that was built in Egypt.  Why this Sphinx was hidden, I'm not sure.  However, with the exploit that humankind tends to place upon sacred places, it's probably a good thing that the location of this Sphinx has remained hidden from most.
This Sphinx that has been hidden in Tennessee is its own life form.  It's not going to get up and start crawling around or anything like that, but it is breathing and it is living.  It holds ancient, living knowledge of  the Egyptian Sphnix.  The group of entities that looks after the Sphinx are transhuman individuals who have received a transformation from the Sphinx.  
This transformation has given them the opposite form of the Sphinx.  They have cat heads and the body of humans. Their 3rd eye has automatically been given a connection to all Sphinx locations both on Earth and throughout existence.  
Since we can throw a pebble and land in Tennessee, we decided that taking a day trip would be the best way to see what was going on for ourselves.  Following the advice of the customer who tipped us off, we eventually made our way to the Sphinx, where we were able to revel in the energies that this hotbed of spiritual activity had to offer
The Keepers of the Sphinx are well versed in their deep rooted magic that has been given to them by the Sphinx  The have become a highly advanced race of individuals.  Each of them carries a totem, in which their full power is located.  As the result of our investigation, we were able to acquire one of the totes.  
This piece gives you a power that we are calling the Sphinx's eye.  This piece gives you transhuman properties, to where you will be able to shape-shift into a Sphinx.  This gives you the working knowledge of the Sphinx and all of its magic.  You will now share a genetic code with the creation powers of the Sphinx.  You will get to look through what we, again, are calling the Sphinx's Eye.  
Through this Eye you will be sale to see through all the eyes of every Sphinx ever designed, and to behold that powers that have been placed into every one of them.  This includes all Sphinx creations, not just the ones on Earth.  This will bring about a plethora of power that you will be able to bring back with you to the mortal realms and practice in your mortal form.  
With this piece the ancient secrets of all the Sphinx and the Pyramids will be give to you, including the Divine DNA that has been breathed into all these eternal life forces.  These secrets are also the secrets used to obtain immortality and the secrets of how all life forms are interconnected.  
This is not the type of power that you want to miss out on.  We only have one of these, because this is all the Keepers of the Sphinx would allow for us to take with us, in an effort to balance out the power and to keep the powers sacred. 

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