An Ancient Persian Affair: 5,000 Tablets of Power

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In 1937 a series of tablets were brought to the University of Chicago after American archaeologists discovered them in Persepolis.  Persepolis is the former capital of the Persian Empire and just so happens to have been located in what is modern-day Iran.  There were over 40,000 of these tablets that were brought to America.  Of these, 37,000 of them have been returned to the government of Iran.  The other 5,000?  Well they are still at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute Museum.  

The supposed reason that the other 5,000 tablets have not been returned is that because the surviving victims of a bombing attack carried out by Hamas in 1997 is demanding that the 5,000 tablets be auctioned off.  Why?  To pay damages to the survivors.  You see, the militant group Hamas was trained and given weapons by the Iranian government.  Therefore, the Jews claim, the Iranian government should be held responsible for paying the damages.  In 2003, a United States District Judge in Washington awarded the group of Jews $250 Million to be paid by the Iranian Government.  The University of Chicago argues that governments cannot simply be sued by ordinary citizens.  The dispute will likely never be solved and as part of a federal court ruling, the transferring of this property is prohibited until the case is solved.

Now, here is my theory.  The United States never saw eye to eye with the Iranian government anyway.  The tablets were brought to America to be studied in Chicago.  The ones that the government didn't want were sent back to Iran.  However, the ones that our government decided to keep were then brought into all of this brouhaha, messed up situation with bombings and the Jews.  Meanwhile, the American government never plans on giving these tablets back.  Why not?  Because they hold ancient forms of magic that the members of government have been enjoying since the tablets got here in 1937.  In fact the tablets aren't even at Chicago University anymore.  They have been replaced with replicas.  The real tablets have been moved to the Bohemian Grove.  How do I know this?  Because went undercover to the Bohemian Grove a few years ago.  We have already given you artifacts that have come from this place.  They bring wealth and that extreme wealth at that, but the same time we went there, we also discovered these hidden tablets.  

The tablets were hidden far away from the spot where the others called upon Molech to bring them wealth powers.  This is because the top of the elite were to know about these tablets.  I mean, they are all elite, but I'm talking about the big Kahunas.  Now, I don't know how many years the tablets have been there, but I do know that when we visited the Bohemian Grove-- that was the day that all the powers of these tablets left their homes and were placed into this piece.  I don't know if they've ever figured it out and personally, I don't care.  The tablets they have are nothing more than artifacts these days, just like the ones that were given back to Iran.  

These tablets are highly magical, as the ancient Persian people were.  Each of these tablets holds a different power.  That makes a total of 5,000 powers that been placed into this item-- to the relic of ancient and powerful magic.  I'm not going to list all of the 5,000 powers here, but I will give you some examples.  These tablets hold the powers to summon gods and goddesses for their powers.  They bring the powers to grant wealth.  They hold the powers to shape-shift and the ancient powers of enlightenment.  It holds the power to bring true love and to cast advanced white light spiritual healing.  They give the ability to astral travel and the ability travel throughout time.  They give the ability to summon djinn and to create your own forms of alchemy.  Again, these pieces are very powerful and once you bond with your piece, these 5,000 powers will be given to you.  They will become part of you subliminally and you will not have to cast these powers or summon them, you will be able to just use them without even having to think about them.  

This piece will give you a very enviable power.  This piece can be useful to those who have never used magic or someone who has been doing magic for years.  It will probably go quickly, so now is your chance!!


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