An Original Reaper Witch

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For some people, it seems like they just can't get ahead in life. Nothing that they are doing works out for them. They do all the right things, but everyone around them seems to be excelling in life while they continuously struggle. If that is the case then this piece is for you.

This piece holds a type of witch that is called a Reaper. Do not confuse this witch with actually Grim Reaper, because they are nothing alike. In fact, this witch practices the power of pure karma. A lot of times what happens to a person is that they are so caught up in life and trying to do the right thing that they get spiritual jams or their karmic powers become blocked. Karma is a real thing and what goes around will always come back around-- unless of course there is some spiritual healing in high order.

This piece  holds a Reaper witch. She will assure that those things that you sow you will also reap. She will give you a spiritual cleansing that will clean all of your spiritual avenues including your aura, your chakra system, and your karmic energies. This will even give you a psychic awakening that will allow you to perform basic psychic powers.

Aside from these healings and awakenings, the Reaper witch will travel your life path ahead of you, using her magical scythe to clear any and all obstacles out of your way. She will assure you attain success, wealth, and abundance at all costs.

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