Ancient Egypt, the Skin Robbers, and the 114th Power

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Usually, I would say grave robbers are the most disgusting type of criminal.  When somebody dies, let them rest, huh?  Well, in this case, I can see why the robbers robbed the grave.  I'm talking about the grave of Ramses II a.k.a. Ramses the Great who was the third king of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt.  When you take the fact that he is the 2nd Ramses, he is the 3rd King, and he is in the 19th dynasty (2x3x19), you will come to the conclusion that he is the number 114.  
The number 114 is a magic number and is a number that allows for greater conscious awareness and magical awakening.  This is why Ramses had such a great connection to the gods and he was able to awaken their powers and magic for the New Kingdom of Egypt.  In being the number 114, he embodies the properties of 1, 1, and 4.  The power of one is the primal force.  It is the force from which all other powers are created.  The number 4 connections the mind, body, and spirit to the physical realms.  Thus, the primal force of the gods has become the primal force of Ramses, which has been brought into full physical form through the god Ramses.  What does this mean?  Ramses was one very powerful dude!!
As far as the grave robber go, they came not to steal the possession of Ramses the Great, but a spell that was put into his body in permanent ink.  You can think of it as an  forged by the gods at birth.  The grave robbers carved the skin off of Ramses II, literally tanned his hide, and have kept the spell ever since.  Every Egyptian Pharaoh who contains the 114th power is born with this tattoo.  Given that Pharoahs no longer exist, this means that the supernatural phenomenon is given to randoms who usually have no idea what it means.  There are still hunters who attempt to track down people of the 114th power, who hold the bloodline of Ramses II.  Sometimes their attempt it successful, sometimes it is not.
The fact of the matter is that these hunters are barbaric.  They hunt down people with the 114th tattoo and steal their skin.  They literally steal people's skin.  We are a lot more civilized than that, so when we tracked down our 114th person, we were able to coax them into allowing us to retrieve the energy from their tattoo.  They had no idea that they were actually carrying a metaphysical code and had no interest in being involved.  It was a pretty simple procedure and we didn't even have to steal their skin.  Imagine that.  
You must be super curious as to what the powers of 114 actually bring to somebody.  Well, the spell that has been tattooed on the 114th people is an awakening.  It will transform you into an anchor between your current existence and existence of the Egyptian Gods.  It is only between these people who carry the 114th power that these powers can be pass naturally, without having to evoked or summoned through rituals, which will give you an extreme advantage.  You not only have the power, but you are the power.  You will have a dual existence in both realms.  You will be able to see the human realm, but you will also be able to see the god realm that exists right over top of it.  Thus, you will be able to bring the forces of the Primal Gods to the mortal realm and use these powers as you see fit.  
The most powerful example of this is being able to gain the power of the Amun-Ra, who is the all-knowing eye.  This eye sees and knows the life-force and will allow you to raise the dead.  Isis, who is the goddess of all magic, will give you the knowledge of magic and how to create your own powers.  Anubis, who is the god of the Underworld, will allow you to call upon any spirit.  Horus, who is the chief God gives you a primal knowledge of the Universe and will tell you how to turn the life-force into anything you want it to be.  It is some serious stuff folks.  It literally brings the bloodline of Ramses II the life and will make you a member of the 114th existence.

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