Oracular Bone Melding
Oracular Bone Melding

Oracular Bone Melding

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For some people who don't believe in the supernatural, the paranormal or the general otherworldly clues sprinkled around, there is only life, death and nothing else. They don't believe in what is staring them right in the face. You know what, though? Our job isn't really a matter of convincing everyone, it is enlightening those who are willing to listen. We enjoy surrounding ourselves with people like us who would rather view the world with open eyes rather than almost entirely shut. Speaking of eyes opened... this piece is definitely one that takes that term to a whole new level.

In China, there's a ritual that roughly translate to Oracle Bone Melding. It is an ancient ritual that is not at all common in practice and is even less common to witness outside of the ones who are qualified to conduct the ritual itself. It is single handedly one of the most specific rituals we have ever encountered and also one of the more fascinating we have witnessed. It requires the bones of three oracles, first and foremost. However, that is the simplest part of the entire ordeal. The bones themselves are required to be from the direct descendants of three oracular ancestors. There are a number of these ancestors but the genes have been severely diluted over time and as of 2016, there really are only a small handful of people who carry it and most of them are just carriers with an inactive oracular gene. In other words, they cannot satisfy the ritual. Due to this, the bones that were used in the ritual we witnessed were for the oracles of several deceased oracles, all of whom were drastically distanced in terms of age, the youngest being a 65 year old woman whose bones were barely adequate due to the nature of her death - bone cancer. The bone cancer can taint the oracular genes found in the cells of the bone marrow. Despite that, the casters conducting the ritual assured us that the bones from this oracle were not entirely tainted, preserved well and thus adequate.

They set out to grind the bones up and mix it with a series of other minerals, most of which is also from the essence of something else preserved from the deceased body of the oracles. For one oracle, it was her hair. From another, it was her nails. From the third, it was skin. The ritual calls for two activities to be performed and perfectly multitasked. However, only one of them is done in mind of the other.  In other words, they sometimes wait generations to perform a ritual that could potentially only be half successful.

A Oracle Bone Cloth is crafted and is primarily used as a conjuring tool - it's purpose is admittedly underwhelming. As this cloth is generated from the bones of the oracles, there is a chance that the deceased oracles can merge together from beyond the spiritual realms, become empowered and then conjured into an item of power. However, the reason the item that merges from this is so powerful and sought after is firstly because it seldom happens. Secondly, it is only produced under very specific and strict criteria. Thirdly, the item, even if it is created, has a chance of failing as a item of power. In other words, you could succeed in creating it, but it the power of the oracles could reject the piece due to being forced to exist in the realm of the living without remaining attached to their original vessels of power. That is what makes oracle magic so tricky. It is picky and delicate.

The item you see here is one of the very few existing examples of a very successful ritual. It was given to us because the ones conducting the ritual believed that it was our presence that blessed and encouraged the ritual's success. They insisted that it belonged to us. Obviously, we didn't object.

This piece is essentially the ability to inherit oracular power in all of its forms and sub-forms. With the essential three forms, you can derive your own oracular power but it does take time to reach that kind of level with this piece. The initial power is not gradual - you do have full access to the contained oracular power - but anything beyond that is solely dependent on you and your ability to manipulate the power you are given.

You will gain the ability of rune casting. This ability alone is very powerful because it is almost like a 2-for-1 deal. It is immense runic knowledge and the ability to make use of it in order to produce a specific outcome. You will become aware of an enormous plethora of magical runes and their meanings. This ability can be used innately or empowered during meditation, during which you can reach deeper into the power of this piece and pull knowledge for a specific purpose. Perhaps you desire to know the exactly conjuring runes to pull an angel directly from heaven and into your living room. Or maybe you want to know the runes necessary to conjure a spirit of a deceased individual. Loved ones are easy - that's not what I'm referring to. I mean anyone else. Conjure the spirit of any who have once lived and died and gain from them knowledge or answers. Perhaps you desire unique power specific to Marie Laveau. Perhaps you want to consult with Plato, Aristotle or any other philosopher certain to hold and have taken secret knowledge to their grave.

Of course, you will also become renowned in the art of oracular power. You will also find that you have immense control as well. The best part of this piece is that, when done right, it really is, both literally and theoretically, an eye opener. Trust us, after this item, you'll agree that your eyes have never been more open to the universe. See into any moment of time and look into it to gather the answers to whatever curiosity you may have. There's no gamble with this level of divination. Know for certain.

While this is not the only one of this item, it is extraordinarily rare and we can guarantee that you personally will never encounter another.

These, we believe are sterling silver but we are not sure. However, we do know that they are antiques and are authentic bone. What you want to do is sit down, hook them into your ears and allow the oracles to influence you. You will hear them. These are very rare and it is extremely rare to get something like this. It is very rare to hear them actually speak to you independent but with this item, you will certainly hear and benefit from their power.


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