The Grand Witch's Crux | STAR | 1
The Grand Witch's Crux | STAR | 1

The Grand Witch's Crux | STAR | 1

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The Grand Witch is a powerful witch born directly into an immense amount of power with absolutely no traces of witch magic throughout the bloodline beforehand. It is also a witch that will never reproduce so the power is meant to live for as long as they can but then it ceases to exist when they die. There is only one of these in existence at any given time because they do not allow the existence of more than one. If another potential Grand Witch is born, the reigning Grand Witch will seek out the child and take their power and leave them completely mortal.

The current Grand Witch has been alive for just around 6,000 years. She is so powerful that she can manipulate atoms by rearranging them so they represent whatever it is that she desires. She can also manipulate DNA. Atoms, as some of you may very well known, is what comes from sacred geometry. Everything including our bodies is made up of atoms. Due to this ability, she can create gold from any matter. She can pick apart any bit of magic and transform it into something else. She can manipulate time as a whole. She can stop time completely or bring it back to any point she wants to. This is why she continues to live. She can appear anywhere in the world at any time she chooses to do so. She can pick apart the minds of others.

The Grand Witch that created this crux is one of the most powerful Grand Witches to have ever been born. She has lived the longest by far out of all of the others and unlike the other Grand Witches to have been born, she was the first to use her magic to influence a following. She had several priests under her, all of which were hand picked by an archangel and were entirely white light. She was referred to as the Grand Queen rather than a witch. She influenced all of her supporters to believe her to be the single most important existence, especially over themselves. At one point in her reign over these individuals, she made them all believe that if she died, they too would die. Some even called her Mother because all of the members of this following were made to surrender their human existence in favor of becoming a committed loyal supporter or her.

Grand Witches, due to how much power they possess, almost always end up separating their hearts from their physical bodies so they can protect it in another location. This is a consistent and common method practiced by higher witches to achieve immortality. During close to 1,000 years of her reign, she would ascend five loyals to each hold one of the five crux she created. Each crux would guard a piece of her heart, which she had pulled from her own body and enchanted to continue to beat and feed her life even though it was no longer one with her.

She remains extremely powerful because of how powerful and successful the priests chosen by the archangel are.

We have two of these pieces, which are two of the five crux of the Grand Witch. They contain extreme magic. When you come in possession of one of these, you will feel the magic latch onto you but it is entirely up to you whether or not you accept it. If you don't, nothing will happen but the entire point of buying this piece would be lost. If and when you accept the magic, it will latch on to you and attempt to bond with you.

These crux will almost completely and entirely rewrite your DNA and you will feel somewhat uneasy for the first few days of being in possession of this item.

Your DNA will become more like those of the Grand Witch and you will be able to use every bit of magic stored in one of these crux. A thing to keep in mind before buying this piece is that the magic and the transformation will remain active even if the Grand Witch dies for some reason in the future. This is a life-time long alteration that cannot be reversed if you choose to allow it to take place. You will experience longevity influenced by the Grand witch. For every century she is alive, you will live ten more years on top of your pre-established life expectancy. Additionally, any power you can think of that is possessed by the Grand Witch can be used by you, which includes the manipulation of minds, atoms and time.

This list is for  one of the 2 crux we have from the original 5 created by the Grand Witch. It depicts the Grand Witch herself.


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