A French Vampire in America

A French Vampire in America

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We have got the deal of a lifetime for you. These pieces are sterling silver. They are not heavy and they are kind of thin. Each of them has a different bead on them and each of those beads represents a different power or ability that you will get. There are all different sizes, but they can also be worn on a chain around your neck or simply carried in your pocket.  


What kind of magic is in these pieces? We worked with a very powerful and ancient sorcerer named Gethsemane, just like the garden that is mentioned in the Bible. He is a mixed arts sorcerer, so a little bit of all sorts of magic have gone in to make these pieces.  


Normally something of this caliber with TEN different powers within would sell for way more than what we are selling these for. Since we have quite a few of these rings that were made, we are selling them for a mere $40 each. They are well worth the money and probably even more than that!  


These pieces are awesome for you, but think even bigger! The holidays are coming and you need gifts for people. These items are eligible for the half-off sale, so technically you will be getting them for $20.00 each. That's a good price to pay for a gift for anybody on the list... and trust me, they are going to love them.  


Below you will find a list of the ten things these rings will do for you.  


1.) One of the beads is for constant protection. it holds a cocktail of different types of magic that will keep you safe from evil, darkness, curses, spells, hexes, dark spirits, evil spirits, etc.  



2.) One of these pieces is for a constant flow of energy that sharpens your aura, your karma, your chakras, and keeps your soul in a constant state of balance.  



3.) One of the beads will provide you with a fully psychic awakening. This will allow you to manifest any psychic ability that you want. It will provide you with great discernment, which is needed in these times. Don't get suckered by any of those evil, ill-intentioned people out there.  



4.) This piece provides great abundance in all forms. This power comes from various places, but the goddess Abundantia had a lot to do with it, which is really special. The word abundance was created from her name, so you know she's powerful!


5.) This piece will allow you to directly influence the path of your own destiny. Does everyone have their own predetermined path? Yes. Is this path set in stone? No, it is not. This ability holds the ability to influence and manifest your own destiny to include the things that you would prefer.  


6.) This piece wl grant you good health and longevity. Good health comes not only physiologically, but also mentally. This piece will simply help you feel better, more youthful, more energetic, and it will help you find purpose. Moreover, it will help you carry this vibe well into your golden years. It's literally like flying to Neverland. If you don't want to grow up, you don't have to!


7.) One of the beads is for receiving revelations of the future. Several different types of magic went into the making of this ability. Of course, one of those types of magic was white light magic from God. However, a lot of it also came from places such as Nostradamus and Rasputin, who were also able to receive revelations. It comes from the universe and will deliver the messages that are crucial for you to know.  


8.) One of the beads is for a connection to the Akasha. Also, known as the Hall of Akashic Records, the Akasha holds the history of the universe. It is a driving force that has been around since the Beginning of Time and it will be there until the end. Any source of knowledge that you feel you would like to have is available through access to the Akasha. This piece is like an unlimited, all-you-can-know pass to Akashic Knowledge



9.) Another bead is for spirit communication. Spirits exist as we do, just in a different form. They are no different. They keep the same characteristics and when they manifest themselves they appear the same. This ability will allow you to part the curtain between the physical realm and the spiritual realm, so you can see into it. You will be able to call to any type of spirit you want and they will be delivered to you. YOu can call them out by name or type. Using this ability you can call out human souls if you'd like, but you can also call out other types of souls too-- such as vampire souls, djinn soul, werewolf soul, etc.  





 We found this piece at an estate sale in New Jersey. For those of you who have never been to New Jersey, there's a lot of creepy stuff that goes dodwn there. We visit estate sales from time to time, mostly to search for vessels that e can use when making our own pieces or conjuring spirits, but oftentimes we end up wit piece that already has spirits in them. Such is the case with this piece.  


 Deedee found it and she immediately that it was somehow supernaturally empowered. Obviously, we purchased the piece. However, as far as testing went this piece practically revealed itself. We still worked with the piece, but the entity that was channeled into this piece was all too willing to reveal himself. Perhaps it was because he had not been communicated with for quite some time?


Anyway, we worked with the piece for a while before we listed it. The power in this piece is phenomenal. IT holds a vampire companion spirit that comes to you very willingly once the bond is formed. All you have to do is wear the piece and he will begin bonding with you immediately.  


The Vampire's name is Baudelaire nd he was originally birthed in the 14th Century. He has knowledge of some very powerful magic such as blood sorcery, blood alchemy, astral travel. He also has the abilities that are commonly associated with vampires-- the ability to charm,the ability to mesmerize, full psychic ability, mind control, superhuman abilities such as speed, strength, stamina etc.  


One of the testers that we had test this piece told us that she was able to make a sexual connection with Baudelaire. She also revealed that he was extremely talented in what he could do-- astral orgasms, full-body orgasms, mind orgasms, etc. We did not personally try using this piece that way.  


Baudelaire will reveal himself to you in spiritual form. He is about six feet tall, has pale white skin and golden-brown eyes. HE has brown curls that sit on top of his head and very broad shoulders. He revealed himself to all of us at the office. so I"m sure you'll have no problems with him showing up.  


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