A Gathering of Ten Wealthy Gods
A Gathering of Ten Wealthy Gods
A Gathering of Ten Wealthy Gods

A Gathering of Ten Wealthy Gods

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This piece might be made out of gold and silver. We aren't exacty sure because it isn't marked. Deedee said she thinks that it is, but she isn't 100% certain. Honestly, with this piece it isn't about what the piece is made out of that matters. Instead, it is the powers that went ito the making of this piece that are important. It is the magic that is offered when the piece is used that is important. That's because it was made using a very ancient magic during a ritual that is held once per year.

This piece is not brand-new. You can obviously tell from looking at it. It has been used for many years, however, it is still in good condition. It was created during one of the annual meetings of The Bilderberg Group at the Chatham House. It's the secret meetings that take place that matter. Some of the people in the meeting at large don't even know that magic is being used, however, the ones that are invited to attend the secret meetings (in the various place in which they take place) are the ones that leave with all the magical power.

There is a secret, special chamber within the Chatham House, behind a hidden door. This chamber is where the secret meetings take place. During these meetings, different wealth deities are called forward. These wealth deities are offered sacrifices. Sexual orgies are performed to create the energies necessary to call the deities forth. Other offerings are given. Very powerful deities are called forth and it is all in the name of gaining wealth benedictions from the gods that they call upon.

The wealth energies and blessings that are given to them go into pieces that can then be used indefinitely to grant wealth to the person who owns the piece. Many different types of pieces are created, including this piece. This piece is a money clip. Instead of the presence of just one wealth god, this piece has the presence of ten gods and goddesses of granting wealth. The wealth magic is unlimited and uncapped. As long as you are using the piece you will experience the wealth magic that has been placed into it.

When using this piece you will simply put your money inside of it. I mean, that's what money clips are made for. You will keep your money inside this clip and carry it in your pocket. You will go about your daily life as usual. Each time you spend money, pull the money out of the clip and use it. Then, replaced the bills that you have spent as soon as you can. The energy from the spending of the money and replacing the money keep the magic in this piece alive. This will grant you all kinds of wealth from across all areas of your life! Here are the ten ancient wealth deities whose presence is carried with this piece.

Pluto- Roman God of Wealth

Abundantia- Roman Goddes of Abundance, Luck, and Prosperity

Sors- Roman God of Luck Wealth, and Prosperity

Fortuna- Roman Goddess of Wealth, Money, and Fortune

Moneta- Roman Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity

Horus- Egyptian God of Wealth, Prosperity, and Magic

Renenutet- Egyptian Goddes of Wealth

Tsai Shen- Chinese God of Wealth

Teutates- Celtic God of Money and Fortune

Odin- Norse God of Wisdom and Wealth

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