Caishen Wealth Geishas
Caishen Wealth Geishas

Caishen Wealth Geishas

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What I'm sure some of you didn't know is that in ancient times, there were actually geishas in China. In fact, the idea and general concept of the geisha comes from China, the predecessor to some aspects of Japanese culture. Due to the fact that the degradation of women was a commonality in those times, there is no name for an ancient Chinese Geishas. Sometimes they were called performers, other times they were referred to as prostitutes, even though they rarely performed a sexual act for pay. It's just that there was no name for a Geisha at that time. Of course, this has changed today and despite the fact that the geishas are most popularly tied to the Japanese cultures, they hold their origins in Chinese culture.

This little segway was necessary for describing what is up for sale. They are five little Bone Geishas. They were carved from the bones of an actually Geisha who was in services to the God Caishen. Caishen visited Earth in several forms, one of them a human. He would take for himself only the most prized and beautiful dancers. He would copulate with most of them, but there was one in particular geisha that he fancied.

He copulated with her in the mortal realm, but finished the deed by extracting her soul, to take her back to the realm of gods as a consort. The geisha's body was preserved cave to preserve the powers that coursed through her lifeless cadaver and bones. Her body was god-touched and when anybody it touched by the gods it retains a certain power to it. The power preserves the body well. The body of this particular Chinese Geisha was preserved and it has only been in the last twenty years or so that the body was again visited to see if powers could be extracted from the Geisha.

However, the Geisha's body holds s spell that does not allow the removal of the god energies that are found within. This didn't stop the sorcerers who found the body resting inside of a cave from using her body to create bone relics. The used the bone from the Geishas and been preserved in time. The result was a set of small bone figurines, in the shape of geishas to pay homage to the fact that this is what the girl was when she was on earth.

These bone relics, naturally hold the powers of the god Caishen. Who is Caishen? The God of wealth, of course. I mean he has other powers because all gods have more than one power, but these are minor compared to his power of wealth, which is unparalleled in history. To cover all areas of wealth, Caishen manifests himself in different "directions" or forms of wealth. There are many of them, just as there are many directions. When you get one of these pieces, you are buying not only Caishen the wealth God but also Caishen in the form of his many directions. This means, all areas of wealth are covered and that the wealth that you most crave for your life will come to pass. Remember, these relics are the bones of the geisha and have been god-touched. As such, owning one of these relics is like having a direct connection with the wealth of Caishen.

Here are the many forms of Caishen that you will be able to access when you own one of these relics. We have listed, the direction, the name, and the power that Caishen manifests himself as, so that way you will be able to use the one that is most close to the kind of wealth you want in your life. Or, you can use all of them. Or, you can simply conjure Caishen to ask him for the wealth powers that you want. The choice is up to you. Here are his many forms:

Center Caishen- Zhao Gong Ming, God of military wealth

East Caishen- Xiao Sheng, God of collecting and receiving treasure

West Caishen- Cao Boa, God of collecting valuables and helps with discernment in knowing the value of certain items such as antiques and coins

North Caishen- Yao Shao, God of Profitability (especially in business and investments)

South Caishen- Chen Jiu Gong, God of Attracting Wealth in All Forms

Southeast Caishen- Han Xin Ye, God of Gambling and will help with casino winnings

Southwest Caishen- Liu Hai, God and Granter of Extreme Luck

Northeast Caishen- She Wanshan, God of Gold

Northwest Caishen- Tao Zhugong, God of Civil Wealth that grants wealth to you and those in your home.

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