• With so many bad sellers out there who cheat, copy, steal or don't even send you the item after you pay here is a great seller.


    Cathy Ellis Anderson of Fortuna's Gifts. She causes no drama, doesn't talk bad about others and offers positive energy even in her posts. I can tell that she works hard and I'm a seller! I asked around to some others and not a single person had a bad thing to say about her. I see by her posts that she works hard for her customers. Send her some business and pass those by who are negative towards other sellers and customers. 

    When I say negative sellers I'm talking about those who never bought from a single seller and yet talk crap in order to sell more crap. If you are a good seller like Cathy your items speak for themselves.

    I had a customer send me a ring they bought from her and I tested it like I do my own items. Lindy also tested the piece. It did everything the customer was told it would do. Again remember I have been a seller for over `18 years and you are hearing this from a seller.

    Sellers should lift each other up, not put each other down. 


  • Cathy is AMAZING. Has always been a wonderful friend and her items are BEAUTIFUL.❤️

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