800 Russian Souls

  • Look-- I love this piece.  First of all, it's made with platinum over sterling and Russian Diopside.  I'm a sucker for silver and I love that deep, rich color gree.  I'm immediately drawn to the piece.  Also, if it has anything to do with Russia, then I'm all about it.  They are a very mysterious people and the magic they harbor is second to none.  So they interfere with an election or two... who cares?  It was never even proven, but if they did it wasn't anything worse than what the SUPER PACS do on a regular basis, right?  The fact that this piece uses Russian Magic mixed with Asian magic is a huge win for me.  I love both forms of magic and love blending of magics.  It makes for a stronger, more vivid experience.  

    Anyhow, I also like the fact that this piece embodies the power of 800 souls.  I mean, imagine the power that is in a single mind, a single soul.  It's powerful!-- like really, really powerful.  You have different strands of esoteric DNA.  You have all sorts of hidden knowledge within the soul, right?  Multiply this by 800.  That's A LOT to talk about.  That's 800 separate and unique identities that share with you 800 different forms of magic, 800 different experiences, 800 different realms to explore.   It's just mind-boggling to me!

    Okay, so I'm back.  Lindy stole a couple million from me on the Thug Life App and I was going to get some sweet revenge.  So, listen-- when we tested this piece we pulled out some amazing powers.  I know in the description it lists a few but let me tell you some of the other things that we were able to come up with.  For instance, one of the souls had Atlantean DNA in it and allowed us to travel back in time and see the world through an Atlantean Princess.  One of the souls wasn't even human.  We don't know what that was all about, but it was an Elven soul that offers a ton of white light abilities-- seeing the future, healing those around you, that type of thing.  One soul gave the ability to manipulate destiny.  One soul was related to Blavatsky and gave us the ability to speak with the dead.  Wealth was definitely one of the powers and that's always a really big deal.  Oh, this piece even allowed us to conjure a griffin that speaks nothing but Heavenly knowledge.  I don't know how that was left out of there.  But it was.  

    Bottom Line is that I like this piece-- a lot.  I like the way it looks.  I like the way it works.  I like what it offers.  I think any of you would benefit from having it.  The price on this piece is $489.00 and it is in stock.  Remember, if you want this piece or any that you see on this forum, you must let me know.  They are first-come, first-served and yours truly will be sending you the invoice.  

    Have a great night, Y'all.  Be blessed and highly favored!!



  • That's a great price for such cool power.



  • Staff member

    @David Mac Yeah, I agree.  One of my faves! 

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