10 of the holy and powerful
10 of the holy and powerful

10 of the holy and powerful

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Holy relics have pretty much become the bedrock of religion as we know it today.  How many times have you walked into a church, where you haven't see the cross standing in the front of the church.  If you are Catholic you will see many depictions of saints, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus, all believed to bring the presence of these holy beings during worship.  Crucifixes and rosaries, for example, are also thought to bring anything from special healing powers, the ability to become right again with Jesus, divine protection, etc.  Relics have become the manifestation of holy powers here on Earth.  This is why we have made this item.  
This item has traveled the world, several times over and has seen the power and presence of ten of the most sacred relics to have ever existed.  These relics and their powers come from different backgrounds, but they each have their own set of magic in them that are undeniably powerful.  The person who has made this piece has traveled with this relic to each holy site and has placed the powers and energies of each relic into the piece that we gave them.   The piece was completed over the course of several years, simply because of the travel involved and the amount of time that it took to make sure each piece was made properly.  In obtaining this piece, you are obtaining the power and presence of each of the following Holy Relics.  Individual powers will be listed with the Relic it represents.  
1.)  Mandylion of Edessa
This power was originally held in the Mandylion of Edessa, which is a holy relic that has been held in the Vatican Collection for over a century.  It is kept in the Pope's Private Chapel.  It's origins lie in edict that was given by Turkish King Agbar of Edessa for an artist to produce a portrait of Christ.  The artist failed to capture Christ's brilliance, following which the artist received a towel by Christ himself.  Upon the return of the artist, the towel  cured the king of Leprosy.  It has been a prolific relic ever since then, with the ability to heal.  With the energy in this piece, you will be able to impart white light healing.  This includes physical healing of ailments, as well as spiritual cleansing to promote oneness with God, his powers, and the universe.  It is the first power, because you may need to use it, to cleanse yourself fully, before using any other forms of power and magic. 
2.)  Virgin Mary's Holy Breast Milk
This was a very popular and powerful relic of the middle ages.  It has proven to be a very holy liquid substance, more powerful than even holy water itself.  When Saint Bernard was praying before the statue of the Madonna, this breast milk began spraying out of the Virgin's breasts.  During his dousing, Saint Bernard ended with some of the breast milk in his mouth.  Many vials of the milk were collected and they were transported all over Europe.  In our travels, we came across a vial of this milk that had been kept in an underground museum.  It is a supply of the same breast milk that was given to Saint Bernard while he was praying.  The energy of this milk was duplicated and put into this piece.  You will gain the same powers that were given to Saint Bernard after ingestion of the milk.  You will be able to astrally travel to Heaven, where you will be able to exist as the Mother of God.  You will see Heaven through her eyes and behold all that it has to offer in the way of powers, realms, and holy sanctuaries.  You will be able to bring these experiences back with you, especially if you conjure any powers.  
3.)  Buddhas Tooth 
This piece was found by Buddha's disciple, Khema after Buddha was cremated.  It was found among his ashes.  Khema then gave it to King Brahmadatte for veneration.  After many wars were fought over the holy power that the relic brings it has finally been set to rest in seven golden caskets, that are only opened for special ceremonies.  The holy power that the energy and power of this relic brings is the opening of the 3rd Eye.  This allows you to relinquish the hold that your mortal being keeps on all facets of your psychic ability.  Examples of the powers you come into with the opening of your 3rd Eye include the ability to see the past and the future, being able to communicate with all spirits no matter who they are, the ability to read the minds and thoughts of others, and the ability enter the minds of others to control their thoughts.  
4.)  Holy Protection of Saint Janarius'  Blood 
This power contains the powers of Saint Janarius' holy blood.  His blood was saved by a woman called Eusebia and taken to Naples, after he was behead in a volcanic crater in the year 305.  The blood was preserved in a couple vials and has since coagulated.  Two times in a year, the blood of Saint Janarius magically liquefies itself to pray for the safety of the city.  It is interesting to note that there are only two years in which the liquification didn't occur.  These were they years 1527 and 1980.  These lead to plague and an earthquake respectively.  This is proof that the holy protection of Saint Janarius is very powerful.  This is what you get with this power.  It will give you a divine shield of protection that will eat all of the evil out of your life and keep you always safe from new evils.  They won't even attempt to come near you, because you will be enshrouded in white light protection.  
5.)  Cloak of Mohammad
This cloak was stolen at one point in time by the founder of Modern Afghanistan who was called Ahmad Shah.  He found the cloak in Bokhara and convinced the people to allow him to borrow it.  They were hesitant to allow this, because they feared Ahmad would steal the cloak.  He vowed to never remove the cloak from the rock on which is was sitting.  As soon as the cloak was borrowed to Ahmad, he ordered the rock to be removed and he brought the cloak home with him.  The cloak is kept in a shrine adjacent to Ahmad's tomb.  When draped over the shoulder of a person, this cloak allowed that person to astral travel to any realm of their choosing.  It is how they traveled to the realm of heaven.  With the powers that have been extracted from this cloak, you can astral travel to anywhere in existence.
6.)  Shrine of the Magi
This power has been pulled from the Shrine of the Magi that was created in Cologne in 1164 after the remains of these three wise men arrived.  The shrine is an elaborately decorated sarcophagus that is held with the Cologne Cathedral.  It is the largest reliquary of the Western World.  From this shrine, we have been able to pull the powers of divine wealth.  Just as the three wise men delivered gifts to Baby Jesus when he was born, they will also bring you gifts when using this power.  They will bring you wealth beyond anything imaginable, because they will not bring you gifts of wealth just once, but continuously as you are wearing this piece.  
7.)  Saint Teresa's Hand of Immortality
This power is a reflection of the preserved hand of Saint Teresa.  It was acquired by Francisco Franco in 1937 after it was stolen from a convent in Ronda.  Although nobody really seems to know why, Franco had a peculiar fascination with this piece.  He carried it with him wherever he went, and even slept with the hand under his pillow.  He died devoted to the piece, as he died clutching it in 1975.  We were able to find out why through the acquisition of this power.  Saint Teresa's Hand will provide immortality.  The hand reaches out to those who are worthy and will give them immortality if they will only clasp her hand.  She didn't give Franco immortality because he was Tyrant and had an impure soul.  She will provide immortality to those who are pure.  To receive purity you will use the first power in this collection OR any purification piece that you own, unless you already have a pure soul.  Then, have at it.  
8.)  Mary Magdalene's Arm
Mary Magdalene has been believed to be Jesus' girlfriend.  She knew him better than probably anyone else.  He entrusted her with a lot of his powers and abilities, aside from offering her his seed to bear a child that carried on the bloodline of Christ.  With the power in this relic, you will receive the alchemy of the bloodline of Christ.  With this you will gain the ability to become like Christ.  You will be able to use this power to perform of all of Jesus' Miracles.  You will be able to heal people instantly, you will be able to raise the dead, you will be able to save the souls of the lost, you will be able to hold dialogue with angels and saints, you will be able to receive the manna from Heaven, to consume the body of Christ, so that way he dwells with in you.  Basically, any power that you want, all you have to do is speak the power into existence and you will be able to do it.  Obviously, it has to be white light, but it will come into existence.  
9.)  Saint Catherine's Head
Jesus gave Saint Catherine of Siena a vision.  It was that he gave her a wedding ring made out of his own holy foreskin.  Unfortunately, she never got her ring.  Rather, she succumbed to stroke at the age of 33 in Rome.  Her body was kept in Roma, but the people in Siena wanted it back.  This caused a conflict, which motivated a couple of thieves to ransack where the body was being held.  They placed the head inside of a sack, realizing the couldn't steal the whole body.  The guards did stop the thieves to check their bag, but instead of the head being in there, they found hundreds of rose petals.  The head has mysteriously been transformed.  It later transformed back when it was delivered the town of Siena.  The power that this head brings in that of Holy Transmogrification.  It allows you to shapeshift into any holy being.  Instance of this type of being include, but aren't limited to, becoming an angel, a white lightheavenhound, a seraph, a cherub, a griffin, or any one of the Four Living Creatures that surround the Throne of God in the Book of Revelations. 
9.)  The Holy Prepuce/Heavenly Orgasms
The Holy Prepuce, which is a fancy was to say Jesus' foreskin, was originally present to Pope Leo II by Charlemagne in the year 800.  Most of the visions that correlate to the Holy Prepuce can be attributed to female saints, such as Saint Bridget.  She claimed to have had orgasm when bits of the foreskin were dropped on her tongue by an angel.  This relic became little more than an embarrassment to the church, because didn't understand its power; and the last bits of the foreskin were stolen in Calcutta in 1983.  It was an inside job by the Vatican.  I wouldn't expect you to believe me, except to say that we encounter the Prepuce in an underground vault of the Catholic Church.  Well, the individual doing this collecting of powers did.  He was able to channel the powers of the relic into this piece as well.  The result is a source of Holy Orgasmic Powers.  You will receive the most powerful and forceful of orgasms, simply by using this piece.  You will be able to use this piece to deliver amazing sex with mortals or receive amazing sex, or both at the same time.  You can also use this piece when having "alone time".  Whatever your case may be, this piece will guarantee the most pleasure that you will have ever experienced.  What's more is that during these orgasms you will be able to travel to Heaven to experience all that it has to offer.  You will be able to sit at the foot of God's throne and look up at Him, to behold his face and all the secrets of the universe that he has hidden there.  It will impart you with divine knowledge, whereby any question that you ever have will be answered simply by asking it out loud.  The answer will be shown to you in some sort of vision, dream, or mental image. 
This is a mens ring,size 10 in real gold. The other item that will be listed is a bit different,you don't have to wear it.

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