11 Druid Luck Clovers
11 Druid Luck Clovers
11 Druid Luck Clovers
11 Druid Luck Clovers
11 Druid Luck Clovers

11 Druid Luck Clovers

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This piece was created for us by a modern-day occultist who specializes in Druidic magic. Her name is Ashley. Now, I know that it might not seem like the most authentic name to be a direct descendant of tow Irish Druids, but I assure you her hair is as orange as the embers and her eyes are like seas of green. She is Irish through and through and, as I said, she can trace her blood heritage back to the original Irish druids. She is the real deal. Besides, why not let her magic speak for itself. I met her in a bar somewhere in Pennsylvania that you will probably never go-- if you're lucky. Either way, this piece holds eleven clovers and each of the clovers holds a different type of Druidic luck magic. After all, they call it the Luck of the Irish for nothing. Below is a list of the 11 types of Druidic Luck Magic that you will be receiving with this piece. You don't have to do anything to activate this piece. All that happy stuff will be taken care of prior to us shipping you the piece. The only thing you have to do is wear the piece and the luck will kind of just come to you.  By the way, this is a vintage, very pretty piece.

1. Luck in Business
2.) Luck in Education/Intelligence
3.) Luck in Gambling
4.) Luck in Relationships
5.) Luck in Spell Casting
6.) Luck in health
7.) Luck in Financial Investments
8.) Luck in Legal Matters
9.) Luck in Conjuration
10.) Luck at Large (aka just plain good luck in general)
11.) Luck in Talent

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