13 moons of Lady Galatia
13 moons of Lady Galatia
13 moons of Lady Galatia

13 moons of Lady Galatia

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Anybody who knows magic knows that Celts are synonymous with the word.  In ancient times, the Celtics were very instrumental in developing some of the most powerful forms of magic that have been seen by humankind.  This magic was sent to the people by those who were known as druids.  They were the ancient high priests of the temple who were given instructions directly from angelic beings that existed in the Holy Grove.  The Holy Grove is a metaphysical realm where the angelic beings lived, as ambassadors to the human race.  These angelic beings can be thought of kind of like fairies and transcended upon the human race to deliver messages of magic, power, sorcery, alchemy, transfiguration and more.  These fairies were the dryads and were the intercessors between humans and the 13 Races of the Moons-- metaphysical realms in their own right.  
In the Sacred Grove, there were 13 Holy Trees.  These trees, together, held all the knowledge of what would be the equivalent of what some people would call the Tree of Life.  Each tree holds its own powerful spiritual presence and embodies its own energy.  However, each tree is really just a mortal umbilical cord to the Earth for the moon that represents it.  Thus, the thirteen moons are the really what holds the powers and knowledge.  These thirteen moons were the months of the Celtic peoples, although they weren't even sure exactly why.  They just knew that they were given magic and powers, but they were never taught from where these abilities came.  
The fact of the matter is that these forms of power came from thirteen ancient elder races.  The elder races each live in a separate realm and the moon that represents the realm is a door to their knowledge.  Thus, you can only access the knowledge of one race under one moon.  That is why the Sacred Grove is so important.  The Dryads lived among the top branches of each tree and could travel to whichever of the 13 realms they want, at any particular time, in order to bring back the knowledge of the powers and magic that have come from that particular elder race.  
This piece holds an ancient Druidic Priestess, which is rare because most of the druids were male.  It is nearly unheard of for this class of priests to allow a female to join their ranks.  However, this priestess is s descendant of the original Oracle of Delphi, so she has some serious powers of her own.  It was nothing for her to cross over into the Sacred Grove and exist among the Dryads.  It was second nature to her, whereas the other druids were simply given the magic and power as the Dryads gave it to them.  This druidic witch came to be known as Lady Galatia, because she was from the Tribe of Galatea, in the area that we would call present-day Turkey.  You might recognize this area because the Apostle Paul wrote them a letter that was published in the Bible telling them to turn from their "so-called wicked ways."  This was only because the Christians of this time were so accusatory and failed to realize that God gives gifts in many ways.  You can't live your life based upon the context of what other people say at certain times of their life.  It doesn't work that way-- and trust me, there is nothing "wicked" about this piece.  It is 100% white light.  
Moving on, when you look at this piece one side you will see Lady Galatia, on the other side you will see the moon.  In order to activate the powers in this piece, you must place this piece outside on a flat surface, or perhaps on a window sill.  It has to be somewhere, so that way when the moon throws in haunting rays over the Earth, this piece will be able to soak up their supernatural rays.  Surround it with a circle of salt.  This will seal the fate of the powers in your piece and not allow them to roam into any other paranormal magnet pieces that might be nearby to where you are inducing the presence of Lady Galatia.  It works best if you do this, the night before a full moon because the energy from a full moon works best.  If it's not a full moon, make sure you allow your piece to sit in the rays of the moon for at least three days.
When fully activated, this piece brings you the presence of the ancient druidic witch who is known as Lady Galatia.  She is the one that flies with the dryad fairies and angelic beings who exist in the Sacred Grove of 13 Trees.  She comes to you in full power form, which is basically like a spiritual form.  She has seen the other side of the thirteen moons, not just once or twice, but too many times to count.  She has a knowledge of thirteen forms of magic that were shared with the ancient Celts when they summoned the dryads.  However, this is a direct fulfillment of these thirteen powers, as Lady Galatia got to the point where she no longer needed to summon the dryads.  When she wanted powers, she went to the Sacred Grove and summoned the powers directly from the thirteen elder races behind the thirteen moons.  This piece basically brings you each of the thirteen powers associated with the 13 moons and the race of ethereal elders that uses them on a daily basis.  To use your piece, all you need to do is wear this item.  Light a candle.  Write down which power it is you are trying to summon and for what purpose.  Then, use the flame from the candle to burn what you have written.  The energy of your words will catch the attention of Lady Galatia, the presence of whom has been set into this piece.  She will bring you thirteen distinct power.  We call them the 13 Moons of Lady Galatia, they are: 
1.)  Alchemy:  The ability to change things into those things which they are not.  You can be created with this power.  Think about it.  Water into wine.  Stone into gold.  Men into wolves.  The physical into the metaphysical.  You can be creative as you want with this power because it allows you to change the DNA sequences of anything and change it into something else.
2.)  Precognition:  This is the ability to foretell the future.  When using this power, you must also write down the event you want to be foretold to you.  For example, if you want to know how the end of the world will happen, write down the power you want, with what you want to see.  Then the visions will be given to you in a dream or daydream or some other type of medium.  
3.)  Sorcery:  This is pretty straightforward.  When using this piece you must write down what you want the gift of sorcery.  Then, you write down what power it is that you want to come to you.  Then, this power will come to you by wearing this piece either as a necklace or in your pocket.  
4.)  Wish Granting:  Again, simple to comprehend.  You write down that you want wish-granting and then the wish that you want to be granted.  The end.  
5.)  Creature Birthing:  This will allow you birth any type of being that you want.  You simply write down that you want creature birth and what type of creature you want to birth.  
6.)  Astral Hopping:  Write down that you want to astral hop.  Write down where you want to astral hop to.  Then, lie down flat and rest the piece in the spot where your third eye would be.  Enjoy your travels.  
7.)  Time Hopping:  This also works the same way as astral hopping, except you down that you want to time hop, and then write down what point in time you want to travel to.  Follow the rest of the process. 
8.)  Mind Reading:  There's nothing better than being able to read the mind of others.  Write this down on the paper and burn it.  Then, the thoughts of others will come flooding into you at your own will.  You can control it, as in turn it on and off.  It will be like God hearing prayers.  
9.)  Spiritual Cleansing:  You can use this piece for yourself or for another.  All that you have to do is write down the name of the person who is receiving the cleansing as well as put a drop of that person's blood on the paper before you burn it.  Then spiritual cleansing will be given to them.  This will clear any mental blocks said person is having as well as do cleaning of the karma and aura.  
10.) Wealth:  This one is pretty straight forward too.  What you need to do is write wealth down on your paper and then burn the paper accordingly.  There is nothing else to do except watch as you begin to roll in the dough!  
11.) Love:  With this one, you write down love, but you can also write down what kind of love it is that you want.  By this I mean, what type of relationship you are looking for.  Yes, this piece will help you find that perfect husband or wife.  It can also improve situations between friends or between mother and child or father and child.  It can improve relations between brothers, sister, etc.  You get the idea.  All you have to do is write down what you are looking to do with the love you are requesting.  
12.)  Spirit/Beings Mediumship:  Burn a piece of paper with this written on it when you want to awaken your third eye to the ability to communicate with spirits.  However, this one takes it a step further.  It will also allow you to communicate with a whole slew of beings that you've only ever heard of in storybooks including fairies, leprechauns, mermaids, elves, dwarfs, unicorns, griffins, vampires, etc.  The spirits of the dead will come to you, obviously in their soul form.  The other entities may take a physical form or a spiritual form.  The spiritual form is the more prevalent and physical form is pretty rare.  
13.)  Power Magnetism:  When you write this down and burn it, you will all-of-a-sudden become a powerful magnet.  What I mean by power magnet is this.  There are random and abandon powers and energies all over.  They are left in the atmosphere to wander around until somebody conjures them.  With this piece, you will be given a sixth sense ability to be able to detect these powers.  You will then be able to pull these powers into your core being and use them as your own.  There are no limits to what this power can bring to you and no limit on the amount of power you can acquire.    
This is a large size pendant and the one side is the smiling face of the moon in sterling, the lady is I believe bronze but I'm not sure. The piece is beyond powerful and should be added to your collection of paranormal magic. 

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