14 Manifestations of Ganesha
14 Manifestations of Ganesha
14 Manifestations of Ganesha
14 Manifestations of Ganesha
14 Manifestations of Ganesha

14 Manifestations of Ganesha

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This piece is a sterling silver piece depicting three elephants.  We received this piece from a veiled lady at the underground auction. The funny thing is that we never saw or heard from her again.  We don't know if she was a human that we bought from or if this was a goddess sent to deliver us a very important piece.  Either way, we ended up with the piece and we could not believe how powerful it was.  

Lord Ganesha is called the remover of obstacles as well as the god of wisdom and intellect.  He is the god of beginnings and is summoned at the beginning of many rites and rituals.  He has a total of 32 manifestations that he can take when appearing to humanity.  Each of these 32 manifestations of Ganesha carries with them a power or an ability that is exclusive to that particular manifestation.  

After testing this piece, we have learned that hidden in the ring are 14 Manifestations of Ganesha.  This means the ring holds 14 ancient powers that can be granted by Ganesha to the person who is using the ring.  To gain the powers of that particular manifestation, you will simply wear the ring and you will call out the name of the manifestation you wish to work with.  You will then meditate with your piece to convey your desires to him.  

Below you will find the name of the manifestations, as well as an interpretation and description as to what each manifestation will do for you when you use this ring to call the forth.  

Ṝiṇamochana Gaṇesha  "Ganesha the liberator from debts"-- This manifestation grants you wealth across all areas of life to liberate you from your debt and to help you grow in wealth.

Saṇkaṭahara Gaṇesha  "Gaṇesha the Dispeller of Troubles"-- This manifestation will dispel all of your troubles, will take care of all your worries and will make a path for you through your hard times.

Durga Gaṇesha  "Gaṇesha the Invincible"-- This manifestation in invincible against all other forces and will thereby protect you from all evil, darkness, etc.

Uddaṇḍa Gaṇesha  "Gaṇesha the Unchained"-- This manifestation unchains your subconscious and brings you a third-eye and full psychic awakening

Sṝishṭi Gaṇesha  "Gaṇesha the Creator"-- This manifestation is the creator and will create powers, magic, and abilities for you as you ask for them.

Kshirpra Prasāda Gaṇesha  Gaṇesha the "Quick-Rewarder"-- This manifestation grants you good karma quickly.  He also grants those who do you wrong bad karma and swift vengeance.

Tryakshara Gaṇesha  Gaṇesha the Lord "of the Three-letters A+U+M"-- This piece will help you during meditation.  This piece will deliver an energy to you that will allow you to connect to the ethereal to experience transcendence into the world of the divine.

Vara Gaṇesha  Gaṇesha the "giver of gifts"-- This manifestation will grant you the gifts that you ask for, whether that is wealth, love, fame, magic, or something else. 

Ūrdhva Gaṇesha  "The Elevated Gaṇesha"-- This manifestation allows you to become elevated in knowledge and understanding of the universe.  You will share knowledge with the divine.  You will be able to manifest that knowledge in the mortal realm.

Vijaya Gaṇesha  "Gaṇesha the Victorious"-- This manifestation allows you to be victorious in all that you do.  This means that you will come out on the winning side of all obstacles that you face.

Śri Gaṇesha  "Gaṇesha the Fortunate"--  This manifestation grants you nothing but good old, pure luck.  This is the fate of the divine.  You will turn up on the lucky side of all that you do.

Vighna Gaṇesha  Gaṇesha "Lord of Obstacles"--  This manifestation removes obstacles from your path, unlike Vijaya that helps you become victorious in all obstacles.  

Siddhi Gaṇesha  Gaṇesha bestowing success-- This is the manifestation that bestows success upon all that you do.  It can be success in business, success in education, success in relationships, or success in magic.  It doesn't matter.  You will experience success in whatever you ask for.

Taruṇa Gaṇesha  "Youthful Gaṇesha"-- This manifestation grants youth, vigor, and ageless.  

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