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There is a mechanical monk, which stands about 15 inches tall that is entirely made of wood and iron. It is functional, can walk, move its arms and raise its cross while praying. It prays for positive things, including long life, prosperity, happiness, health, opportunity and productivity. For a 16th century item, it is quite interesting to watch it function.

Additionally, each time this monk is activated, it generates a small amount of energy that grows for as long as it takes for the mechanical monk to run its cycle of interactions. The energy is old. The tether is weak at first but it does strengthen over time. The mechanical monk acts a bit like a generator. We used this piece as a vessel for some of this energy. It takes some time for the power to build, much like within the mechanical monk, but once it gets going, it builds plenty of momentum.

It is a purifying piece that generates good omen and good fortune. It wards off evil spirits that may be lurking, brings luck into your household and generally brings forth goodness. It draws only good spirits and has even attracted angels to the establishment the piece resides in. This item will help you rise from any difficult situation you may be experiencing as it specializes in counteracting negative auras. He also has certain powers that are associated with the Holy Grail but they appear differently to everyone so we cannot tell you.

Whatever issue you may be experiencing, whether it be financial, emotional, or social, this piece can be used to improve it.

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