32 Chakra Points of Earth

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This bracelet is made with 32 semi-precious stones.  I love these stone.  Even if they weren't magically charged, I would still wear this bracelet in public and show it off proudly, that's how much I love it.  But, you all know that this isn't the case.  The 32 two stones that have been used to make this bracelet are 32 chakra stones from 32 entry points of the Earth where the cosmic life force is pumped through the ley lines of Earth just like blood is pumped through our veins by the heart.  

When you wear this piece your body will be pumped full of the cosmic life force, the life-giving energy that exists as the center of the universe.  This power will give you a true awakening, not just in the manner of psychic abilities, but an awakening that will heighten your existence and awareness.  You will become a super-charged human, like an epicenter of power.  This power can be given to other people, it can be used for healing, it can create destinies, it can be used to create other powers.  You gain every psychic power known to man.  You will be able to control the elements as if they were your slaves.  You will be able to control the weather.  You can control time.  It really is that powerful.  







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