$38-- Celestia's Star Sorcery

$38-- Celestia's Star Sorcery

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size 10

This is a powerful piece, mostly because it holds a very powerful entity in it.  Her name is Celestia and she is a star fairy.  She lives among the constellations and has obtained all of their astrological powers.  Each constellation has a different power, so she has pretty much obtained most of the powers that have come from the universe.  We call these powers Star Sorcery.  When owning this piece, you will get the chance to meet Celestia in her astral form and she will hold your hand and allow you to travel with her and to walk among the constellations.  You will then be able to encounter the powers that are hidden by the constellations, only accessible through what are called Celestial Gates.  

Celetia will open up all the Celestial gates one by one and will allow the powers of these constellations rain down on you like a summer thunderstorm.  Her Star Sorcery is extremely powerful.  With this one the proof is in the pudding.  You just need to get this piece and work with Celestia.  She is a spunky little sprite and is ready to give powers to anybody who is ready to receive them. 

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