$38 Special-- God's parallel Universe, All 10 Senses
$38 Special-- God's parallel Universe, All 10 Senses

$38 Special-- God's parallel Universe, All 10 Senses

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These pieces hold an alternate Earth that God has created, but then he decided he didn't want to care for anymore. He never needed to because of how the beings were made. That is why it has been set into these necklaces, for the preserving and guarding of the person who owns them. This world is very similar to ours and also includes a life-form that you will encounter when traveling to this world.  They are very majestic looking creatures and when left alone, they care for the environment they live in and never try to kill each other.  They aren't like humans.  We're like what happens when you put two 
betta fish in the same fish bowl.  This is probably why God decided to send his son to our world and not theirs.  

When you encounter these beings, you will see that they have 10 sense instead of our traditional 6.  You will get to act as god over them, but what you want to do is actually learn from them, because you will also gain these extra four senses.  
These senses include-
1.)  Telepathic Viewing-- the ability to see the thoughts that go on in other people's heads  
2.)  Psychic Healing-- the ability to not only heal yourself, but also grant this healing to others
3.)  Auric Channeling-- the ability to channel the auras of those around you, to be able to absorb their powers
4.)  Spirit Communication-- this one is a no-brainer.  It's the ability to recognize and communicate with all spirit forms.  

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