$38 Special-- Reptilian DNA Shifting

$38 Special-- Reptilian DNA Shifting

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Whether you believe in aliens or not, it doesn't change the act that they are as real real as you and me.  The Reptilian Race has come to live among us... some of the good, some of them bad but all of them with the ability shape-shift into human form.  This is how they keep their distance.  They are space-faring aliens that came to Earth.  They act like chamelions to look like us, speak like, act like us, all while blending in.  The reason they blend in is because each of the holds a special internal power called DNA shifting and they don't want humans trying to catch them and use them for their powers.  Believe it or not, the Reptilians are not immortal unless they have used magic to become so.  

This power works a lot like shape-shifting, except it comes with a knowledge of hundreds of galactic races that the reptilians can become.  The piece we have is a face detection magic.  This piece helps you use face detection to locate the reptilians, to gain their powers of DNA shifting.  I'd personally just wanna see their faces and laugh at them like you're not so sly now are ya?  But that's just me.  Either way, you gain the powers of DNA shifting, as mentioned above.  This will allow you to become any number of intergalactic being in order to travel to their realm and obtain all these secret magics, some of which we won't even have a name for because they are foreign to our realms of thought.  This is a very unusual power and a very unique piece.

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