4000 Year Old Vampire Soul Form

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This piece holds the presence of an ancient vampire, the remains of which was recently found when a Cornish barrow dig revealed the remains of a 4,000 year old skeleton.  You may be asking, "Why would his remains be found if he is a vampire?"  This is because he is a soul-form vampire who was created when his body was sacrificed and his soul became trapped on Earth.  He has roamed both the Earth and the realms of Ether, gaining powers of other souls for the last 4,000 years.  We have been able to summon him, because fragments of his soul were still attached to his remnants, which is usually the case.  
With this piece, you will be able to easily summon the vampire, who will come to you in his full spirit form.   You will be able to talk to the entity as if you would speak to another human being who is sitting in the room with you.  He will show you his past and all that he has been through and he will grant you any of his many ancient powers that you might be interested in.  

This one’s name is Atticus. 

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