5 Djinn Guardians of Protection and Wealth | STAR
5 Djinn Guardians of Protection and Wealth | STAR
5 Djinn Guardians of Protection and Wealth | STAR
5 Djinn Guardians of Protection and Wealth | STAR

5 Djinn Guardians of Protection and Wealth | STAR

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This piece holds 5 djinn, all of which do nothing but extreme wealth and protection - that is all they do. When I say extreme, I mean extreme as in there is nothing you have ever experienced quite like this. These djinn are seriously protective. If anyone messes with you, their life could be over. They will not innately decide to kill them, per se, but they will kill for you if you give them permission to do so to one who has wronged you.

It's not that they are evil, it's just that they are very protective djinn.

These five djinn are representative guardians of the Five Points of the Holy Alignment. The term may mean nothing to you but that is simply because you do not know what it is nor the extent of it. It is a huge deal, it is a very powerful and highly respected across the realms. It covers all things because it is made up of all things. The five guardians of the five points are essentially broken down according to the elements. These are not elemental djinn, they have just been instilled with power that is meant to hold influence over all things made, consistent of or dwells within fire, water, earth, air and ether.

As five is also the number of manifestation, their power is limitless and without-a-source. Their sole purpose is to protect and bestow upon their masters infinite luxury and protection. Once these djinn become yours, they open up and embrace you instantly as their master.

They are all very serious in nature toward outsiders but to you, they will act in complete stark contrast. Zara is extremely talkative and loves to gossip. Cypress is very smart and matter-of-fact - he loves intellectual conversation. We guarantee that there is a thing or two to learn from him. Evita is very loving and playful, she enjoys games and toying with the other four djinn. She will likely attempt to get you to play games with her and the others. Klaus is very alluring and charming in nature. His humar is a little dry, but he is still terrific to interact with. Talulah is very confident in her abilities despite her laid back appearance.

All of the djinn work well together and no one djinn is more powerful than the other. They all take their guardian responsibilities seriously. They will grant you more wealth than you can currently imagine - we assure you - and they will protect you fiercely. Nothing will escape their notice. Nothing.

We know this because they have been put to the test under many different circumstances. They have not failed a single time in protecting their masters and no one that has ever interacted with this piece has been particularly keen on parting with it. Even we, during the testing phase, grew very attached to the djinn.

That being said, for one women with frequent bad luck with evil spirits, this piece was easily the most effective thing she had ever used. In fact, she had bought this piece as a last ditch effort because nothing else seemed to work. Her family, for many generations, had just been very susceptible to evil spirits and possessions likely due to a dark occultist somewhere within the bloodline.

Either way, the djinn caused the demonic harassment to stop almost instantly. In fact, they were so effective in their effort, the woman eventually no longer needed them. Demons avoided her completely and continue to avoid her to this day. The reason she gave it back to us is because, though she was attached to the djinn and liked them, she knew what it was like to feel helpless and desperate for proper protection. She figured someone else might need it.

A man in North Carolina had not really shared the inconvenience with evil spirits but he was very short in the luxury category. From them, all he really desired was enough wealth to live comfortably and to never have to work to sustain a good living. He does still work but he doesn't have to because they generated him that much wealth.

We had one customer whose issue was neither spirits nor wealth but a physical person who abused her and caused her problems. We are not allowed to discuss the specific logistics of this customer's experiences but we can tell you that they are in a much better position now and they have never been happier.

Like I said before, these djinn are powerful and worth getting if wealth and protection is all you need. Even if you need one more so than the other, they specialize in both. You don't have to choose. There names are Grinh, Kalsoso, Abruma, Tassap and Sedra.

This ring is sterling silver.

11-19-16 or 3-25-20

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