6 atoms of the etheric element

6 atoms of the etheric element

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6 atoms of the etheric element.

If you hold a special magic or a special magical item for storms or vitality you can activate your chaksams. Chaksams are what create vitality through atoms. They hit your spleen but work through the entire body from there. What this does is increase your health, prevent disease and helps to heal. I have never had pieces like this and it took a few people to make them AND you must make them in the winter. Now that can get hard to do since most thunderstorms which you need are in the spring. We were lucky and we did get them done in December. Since that time we have tested them and they worked all through flu season and on a lady that had a clogged artery in her leg. That’s called something but I forgot what it’s called. This also worked on a liver condition that we tested it on too.

These are medium sized stones that had to be placed out side. These are natural and pretty but you need to sleep with them or carry them and you may place them over the areas that you have issue with. It doesn't matter what you use them for or where you place them over the body. You would move these over the areas where you have issues more then a few times allowing the energy to heal. These will be easy to hold in your hand and to sleep with under a pillow or by your bed. You will be happy with these and I will place a picture on by wednesday.

Again we can’t take the place if your doctor or advice from a medical professional.

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