70,000 Year Old Manifestation Magic
70,000 Year Old Manifestation Magic

70,000 Year Old Manifestation Magic

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When you think of magic what comes to your mind? Illusion? Sleight of hand? It seems like little kids love to sit and watch magicians perform card tricks and pull bunnies out of hats. That's sweet and all, but it's not magic. It's high choreographed tricker that is called magic. It is a perversion of the real meaning of magic.

To get a real undestanding of magic, one could simply study the ancients. Magic is simply a manipulation of the countless energies that exist on Earth. Scientists might say magic is not possible. Personally, I believe electricity is magic. It is nothing more than converting elements to gain a desired effect. Am I wrong? It's just that the ancients, specifically those in Africa, were well in tune with the energies of the world so they could more readily manipulate them. They understood the connection between mind and energy and they could use these energies to literally manifest anything that they wanted. Think of it as ancient, highly advanced science if you want to. That sounds so paradoxical, but understand that the ancients knew their stuff and their stuff was very powerful.

Take for instance this item. It holds in it a 70,000-year-old magic from Africa. It was developed by shamans and dispersed freely among their people. It is a manifestation of magic and allows the person who uses it to manifest their innermost desire. Now, in those days desires were different. You didn't have television and movie theaters. No, those came later with the "magic" of modern science. In those days they wanted spirit travel, connection to the lands, to travel among the stars, to understand their ancestors, to produce children, to have a plentiful harvest, those types of things.

Nonetheless, it doesn't change the fact that this piece allows the person who controls it to manifest whatever they want. If you want fame, or fortune, or riches, or love, or an expensive car, or a million dollar mansion, or perhaps a happy family, then this piece is for you. See, manifestation magic is discriminatory. It will allow you to choose what you want and once you are wearing this piece, it will turn the thoughtforms of your innermost desires into reality.  The piece itself contains polised and reformed stones that have been found at the holy site of the ancients in Africa.  It's how this piece is able to hold its power.

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