A Bite In The Asp
A Bite In The Asp

A Bite In The Asp

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This is a piece using Voudon magic. This is a constant calling of a revenge master. You don’t need to do any offerings like you normally would using this type of magic. There is no karma coming to you if you use it.  You can use this for those doing insidious things, get revenge OR you can not get revenge and just stop them from what they are doing. That is what makes this inexpensive piece a keeper. It makes decision making much easier if you feel guilty getting revenge. 

To use this piece is easy and you can’t accidentally use it, another great thing about it. 

Say the persons name and then say get revenge and on ( insert name) so you hold the ring or wear it. Just speak the persons name. Then say get revenge on, and say the persons name a second time. 

Using very powerful revenge pieces will ALWAYS WORK, THIS WILL WORK! What I do need to tell you though is it your not in constant contact or have access to know what’s going on with them you might not be know when it happens. If you are, you will. The revenge will fit with what they did. An example is, let’s say someone stole from you. That person will have the same thing done to them but much, much worse. They will think about what they did. This can be used for most things even if someone had treated you bad, they get it back. Have they embarrassed you? They will get it many times over. Whatever the bad was, it gets given back. I have one more like this I will add on.

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