A Casting in Ovdalsk

A Casting in Ovdalsk

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In a remote forest in Sweden, you can find a tiny forest community that adheres to the old ways of Norse linguistics. They have not shown much of an interest in changing the way their community speaks because it is their heritage and they have spoken that way since the times of Odin and Thor. The language itself is called Ovdalsk, but if you speak any other language other than Ovdalsk you would probably refer to it as Elfdalian. 

The language is phonetically beautiful and the language is the closest example to how the ancient Vikings spoke during their reign on Earth. As such, the 3,000 people who speak the language plan on keeping it alive as long as possible. 

Not only do they want to keep Elfdalian alive for cultural heritage purposes, but there is magic in the language of the ancients as well. The 3,000 understand this and they want to keep their magic alive and powerful. So far they have managed to do so and this piece is a testament to that. 

This piece was created by one of the Norse magicians who speaks Ovdalsk. The piece holds the powers of the language, which is very potent in casting Norse spells. The language alone holds powers, but when said in specific arrangements and in certain patterns has the ability to cast the most powerful spells. 

This piece allows you to say whatever spells you are going to say. You will say then in whatever language you are accustom to, however, when they come out they will sound like Olvdalsk. This means that when you say your spells they will hold the power of ancient Norse magic. Your spells will be amplified by 100x. 

Alternatively, when wearing this piece, you can feed the energies thoughtforms and the spells you want to be cast will be cast for you in Olvdalsk form, one of the most powerful languages to cast spells.  

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