A First Class Relic and  Saint Mary Margaret Alacoque's Gifts from God
A First Class Relic and  Saint Mary Margaret Alacoque's Gifts from God
A First Class Relic and  Saint Mary Margaret Alacoque's Gifts from God

A First Class Relic and Saint Mary Margaret Alacoque's Gifts from God

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I'm just going to begin this one by saying that this is a first class relic. We have obtained this relic through association with a covert group of nuns. They live in an isolated convent in the hillsides of France. I cannot tell you exactly where this convent is due to the secrecy involved. What I can tell you is that being a first-class relic this piece holds the bone fragment of Saint Marguerite, also called Saint Margeret. She is officially known as Saint Mary Margeret Alacoque.

As a young child in France, Saint Margeret fell extremely ill. As a result of this illness, Margeret spent the next five years of her life in a state of paralysis. In those days they really no form of entertainment, so to pass her hours Margeret remained in prayer with the Lord Jesus Christ. It was during those days that she gained her powers. She spent so much time in prayer with the savior that she eventually became a mystic that was able to travel to Heaven at her own leisure to be able to hold communion with Jesus, to obtain his blessings and to learn his miracles.

While in her perpetual state of prayer, the young girl promised the Sacred Mother that if she was to gain function of her body and overcome her paralysis that she would give up her life and become a nun. Several years later Margeret found herself miraculously cured of her paralysis. Against her family's will, she kept good on her word, refused to marry, gave up her life and became a nun. While a nun, Margeret was known for her ability to be a mystic. She would visit Jesus often to receive a prophecy from Him. During one of these prophecies, Jesus informed her that he wanted people to spend more time devoted to the Sacred Heart. Although people thought Margeret was a scam and that she didn't really receive this message from Christ at all, there was one priest who believed her.

Eventually, a chapel at the convent where Margeret lived was built in her honor. It was used as a place that was devoted strictly to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. It took a little while, but people eventually began embracing the idea of this type of devotion. As a result, the blessings of Christ were amplified not only at the convent but through the works that the nuns at the convent did in the communities surrounding them.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus in its physical form is seen as a representation of the love that Christ had for humanity. It is also seen as a representation of his compassion and the gifts he has to offer us. A devotion to the Sacred Heart entails the meditating upon the love that Christ has for humanity and for some it means being able to receive the blessings that Jesus Christ has to offer. Mary Margeret knew this all too well. While she was a child and she would pray day in and day out, she walked with Jesus many times. He would visit her in her room and take her hand. It may have appeared to the outside world that she was asleep, but in actuality, these were the times that Jesus allowed her to leave her physical body and to walk in Heaven in her spiritual form. While in her spiritual form she gained the powers of many miracles. These were given to her as a means for her to prove the existence of Christ and that what she would convey to the world was real. However, she was not the kind to be haughty and used these miraculous powers on a very limited basis.

With this First Class Relic, you gain a little piece of the venerated Saint Margaret. In using this piece, you will gain the ability to leave your body and to walk with Jesus in Heaven. He will open you will wide arms and will take you to the brink of humanity where you will be able to see and to know all things, including all powers and magical abilities on Earth. They will be yours for the taking, but only to be used in accordance with white light. Additionally, this piece gives you the ability to grant miracles, both for yourself and for others. These can be any kind of miracles, so no matter what you are experiencing, you will be able to cast miracles that will change the outcome of negative situations into a positive situation. An example of this would be changing poverty into wealth. Another example of this would be performing an exorcism and spiritual healing of somebody who has been possessed. You will be able to summon and conjure any soul into the physical realms, where they will be resurrected in their spiritual form.

This piece also gives you the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blood of Christ. The Blood of Christ gives you the ability to speak with the authority of God. This authority supersedes all other authorities on Earth and in Heaven. This comes in handy when casting out evil or performing exorcisms. It also comes in handy when creating powers and abilities, because when you speak with the authority of God, even the energies have to obey. He is the creator of all. Last by not least, this piece naturally gives you white light protection. This is the presence of the Holy Spirit who will guide you along your journey of destiny. This rounds out the presence of the Holy Trinity and the powers that you gain when using this piece.

This relic has been in hiding for many years, simply because the nuns are no longer an affiliate of the Catholic Church because they know how the Vatican uses their authority and influence to suppress information and holy knowledge from the people. They have kept this relic secret as to hide it from the Catholic church, so that way they couldn't come in and stake some kind of false claim to it. This is the first time that it will belong to anybody else, so consider yourself extremely lucky and blessed

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