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I can barely hold my excitement for the item I’m about to share with you. I have never encountered a piece like this before.


Time has a knack for forgetting quite a bit. From animals, people, to entire civilizations, it seems that time itself has a serious issue with misplacing things and The Rama Empire is no different. We had heard that the architecture of this place is so well planned and shows so such precision, that it is only one of the many things that hint at it having been an extraordinarily advanced civilization. We knew that we had to go there to see what we could find and we weren’t disappointed—not in the slightest.


Just by being among and observing the environment, you get the vibes of a very sophisticated and intelligent civilization. Everything appears incredibly well thought out and constructed with a purpose. Additionally, it has a uniqueness that makes it stand out among other lost or ancient cities we have been to in the past.


As with the architecture, all of the sculptures, the pottery, and generally anything else that has been crafted are enigmatic in appearance. Most of them are embellished with writing that we have never seen before. We have even consulted with specialists to whom we routinely bring items in an effort to learn more about them—even they have absolutely no idea what language it is or what any of it means.


Even the jewelry we found was among the most unique we have ever seen. Every single piece we found was finely crafted and intricate. Most of the pieces that we found were very extravagant in appearance. It seems as though many of the pieces might be fit for someone of high class but we do not know for certain given the fact that the Rama Empire, unlike many other civilizations, bears no hints of difference in social status. For all we know, these pieces may have been common amongst all of the people.


We spent three days exploring the site carefully and we had begun to think that there was nothing of the paranormal nature to be found. However, on the very last day we did come across something and I am absolutely sure we were not supposed to find it. While exploring one of the many nooks and crannies, there had appeared a series of small markings amongst one of the many stones. It was only slightly out of place—in actuality, I’m surprised I hadn’t missed it. I had merely went to brush my fingers over it to brush away some of the dirt and it had sunken into the wall, slid out of place, and this piece was revealed. I could immediately hear soft whispering as it shimmered like a thousand diamonds right before my eyes.


The second I touched it the whispers became clearer.


“One who seeks and does not fear is one we hold dear... We are here… We are here…”


As I was the one to find it, I was allowed the opportunity to be one of the main individuals to test it and I cannot say I have ever felt so powerful. When in contact with this item, I have yet to find something that I am not capable of. I have been able to hear the thoughts of others, feel their emotions and beings, and practically become one with them if I so chose. I have been able to will others to do as I desire. I have been able to detect other objects of power despite not originally having been aware of there whereabouts. I have even been able to sense, attract, and communicate with spirits far more easily than before, which includes those in the piece…


And there are many; hundreds of thousands.


I have never encountered a piece such as this, one that shows all the signs of being the vessel of an entire forgotten advanced civilization. Though I am reluctant to part with it, I know that it is not mine to keep.

This ring is sterling silver and since we did get a bunch we can try and get your size.

Testing on this piece has included sexual experiences that caused becoming one with the person. Out of body orgasm and out of body experiences.

The spirits that inhabit the ring use this as a home a sort of treehouse. The types are everything from unicorns, djinn, meticorn, mermaids, doubles, alter dimensional beings, Egyptian high magic movers. This is what they called themselves. There is also alchemists, evisionists, conjurers, King Gadeons which are granters of life and desires,love spirits and 8 winged angels among many more. The paranormal really shows itself in this ring!


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