A Gift of 70,000 Souls
A Gift of 70,000 Souls

A Gift of 70,000 Souls

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Below the Monastery of San Francisco you will find a catacombs that are filled with skulls and bones.  No, I'm not talking about that liberal place where all the gays come out to play.  That's in California.  This place is in the historic center of Lima, Peru.  It was constructed in 1774 and the catacombs houses the remains of local residents until about 1808 when a cemetery was founded outside of the city.   The catacombs were forgotten about until they were rediscovered in 1943.  It is estimated that there are about 70,000 individual remains inside the monastery that fill the catacombs' narrow hallways and deep holes.  
Of course, we needed in on the action, so we sent somebody there to investigate.  The result was a very powerful piece, into which the soul energy of 70,000 people was channeled.  After playing around with this piece and trying to uncover what magic it holds, it has finally been discovered that the powers of the souls have been adapted in such a way that has turned this piece into a Necromancer's piece.  By this I mean that the soul power in this piece allows you to raise people from the dead in spirit form.  It will allow you to command souls.  It will allow you to draw power from souls.  It will allow you use the energy from souls to create magic.  It's just an overall very well-rounded Necromancer's piece, if that's what you are into.  

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