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Ashera is the wife of God and the only wife. She is said to sit in the temple of Heaven along side of him and holds the same power that he does. As for how she was created I have no idea but I do know that she helped in the creation of the angels. She also birthed her son Christ as humans do but with no pain and knew he would be born again on Earth to save humanity.

While you can't pray to her as it isn't allowed, you can call her and have her gift you many things.  The earth was said to be created for her and she also has walked the Earth. When I Say you can't pray to her I really mean it won't do you any good but you can speak to her with this piece.

When she comes to Earth and then leaves she leaves behind her the body that she used. That body is nothing but magical. Her last home, vacation home is what we would call it was the great pyramid. The pyramid does have a open portal and is a pathway among other things. Even though the pyramids all over are interesting this piece has nothing to do with them. This is about the mainly untapped power of Ashera.

What can Ashera do that is different from other pieces?

You get all the gifts of the bride. These gifts are these,

The spirit of Ashera handing you the Holy Grail in symbolism. This means you are given all the miraculous powers of the grail.

You are also given ELS which is the Bible code and in that code is the predictions that will become fact as time goes on. Some of these already have but it doesn't stop there. The code is given just to you and it will speak to just you and what you need and how to help you! This code is just for you is found in revelations.

You are also given another gift and one that really will blow your mind. Who are YOU? Are you reading this for a reason? Did you know that timing is everything? You may think is this for me and then it is sold, so I guess not. What if you actually get it? Then if you do own this piece you are about to find out who on the Earth was Gods most loved. Read John 21:24 and you will understand WHO YOU are. Once you know life will change for the better forever.

The best has been saved for last. The greatest of the Gardens. The magic of the Garden of Eden is given to you. This place does exist but is covered in a angelic shield. The Greatest of Gardens sits in Ethiopia. There is no need for you to travel there as this mystical place can travel to you and it does. All that the Great Garden was meant to be comes to you. This is dealing with the God Magic. This means nothing should you want for. Nothing should you need. You become a full spirit in your physical body. You have no need to ask for anything because it is given to you. This doesn't matter what time period we are in and it works with the times. This is not just about wealth and material things but also about the spirit. All of the things those in the Great Garden could do now so can you. This means to look up and speak to God and have a full understanding. This also means the full protection of the Angelic realm that guards the Great Garden. In the Garden nothing was needed as everything was already there and spirits need no food or clothes or anything material. In this world you do and all those thing that you need money for will now be yours. You don't even have to ask for what you want or need and there is nothing wrong with wanting anything. The great Garden was a place of pure delight and you too will experience this in the way that you wish to.

Full power for this to come into play is 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours from the time you get the piece.

To use the piece you need to place the pendant on a clear thread or fishing line. You will then allow it to touch your skin. You should wear it for 7 days and then you may take it off.

For those of you seeking a mate this is the best item you can buy for that!


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