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Margaret's Kind Vampire Family

My first experience with a vampire was rather interesting. Thankfully it was a female. I was scared but still had a feeling in my gut that I would be OK. I don't know how to explain it other than I felt more comfortable with her because she was a girl like me. Don't let me fool you though. When I met her it was because I saw her kill someone and then she came after me.

See what happen was Deedee and I went on a small investigation in Michigan. It was just to check out an old building that people said was haunted and they saw stuff was moved, hear people walking around upstairs, you know the normal haunting stuff. When we got there the building was empty and other than some cobwebs nothing seemed spooky. We did 3 days of testing and even spent the one night there. Not one item moved. No sounds or movement in any way. When we were packing up our stuff to leave we heard a sound. But it wasn't coming from inside the building but outside. Deedee and I went out to take a look. We figured we would see a neighbor or homeless person. The homeless seem to be drawn to Deedee. What I saw was something out of a horror movie.

I turned the corner and there were a girl and a huge man arguing. At first, I was going to yell thinking the woman was in danger. But that was quickly revealed to me that she had everything completely under control. Just as I was about to yell, she grabbed the man by the throat and lifted him off the ground. It was like she was lifting a teddy bear. His weight at zero bearing on how fast and easily she picked him up. I was frozen in place. I never saw someone do that in person let alone a woman with a man that looked like a mobster. She put him down and when he went to talk she slapped him in the face. I have seen women slap men numerous times. This was odd because her nails went chrome silver like blades and when she slapped him 4 long slashes were left on his left cheek. What happened next I was the worst part. He went to grab her and she attacked him first. With two hands of nails like knives, she started slashing him over and over. She then grabbed him by the head, bit his neck, and sucked blood into her mouth before throwing his dead, bloody body to the ground. Up until this point, I couldn't move. I stared in disbelief at the whole scene. Just as I was about to try and move she looked at me. My heart stopped. I was caught.

Before I could move a muscle she was standing in front of me. Blood dripping from her mouth and hands. Hair disheveled. But surprisingly she was breathing normal and not one speck of sweat. Then it happens. She said “I must look terrible, I'm sorry.” and then started wiping the blood from her face and hands with a wipe she took from her pocket. After she was cleaned up she said “I'm sure you have questions about what just happen and probably a little frightened as well. Please know that I will not hurt you and that what happen was needed.” She took me by the arm like an old friend would do and walked me to the front porch of the building. I learned that her name was Margaret and that she was, in fact, a vampire. Her father was one of the oldest vampires in the world and the gentleman she killed was going to hurt two small children who recently were changed. These children we found by a vampire couple after their house had burned down with their parents and 3 siblings inside. The children were weak and had aids. To save them, they were turned. But some of the vampires in the area were not happy about this and wanted the children dead. This man was one of them. Margaret and her family were kind and loving. Children were special. They were the future of their kind and needed to be brought up a certain way. Love, kindness, education, and lots of protection were imperative to bring up strong, independent, fearless yet humble and kind vampires.

I was in total shock. I was literally sitting here having a conversation with a vampire and my mind still couldn't wrap its head around the fact that this vampire along with many others was kind and gentle. Unless of course, drastic measures had to be taken to eliminate evil. I have known humans who were not this loving and understanding. Deedee came around the corner and got the biggest smile on her face. She hugged Margaret like it was her daughter. Come to find out Deedee had known Margaret and her family for years. A lot of the items with vampire power have come from them.

This item is one of them that was recently sent by Margaret's father, Mario. In it holds a lot of the same powers vampires have – unimaginable use of the mind and it's power, excellent strength, speed, endurance, agility, living longer, ageless and resistance to harm. You will get a taste of all of these aspects. The amount you receive depends on your openness to the vampires and your belief in them. This can start out little and grow as you start to believe more, see more, feel more. Every day you should sit with it and focus on connecting with the vampire energy around you. Vampires live among us and we don't even realize it. Picking up on their energy is very powerful because there is so much around you being hidden. This piece will help find and use it.

This family is very rare and they only have two generations around in the total world now. The chances of getting this type of vampire power is very rare because of where and who it comes from.

This pendant is sterling silver with a red stone in the center.

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