A Sterling Silver Pendant We Named Succession:  the Vampire Elite
A Sterling Silver Pendant We Named Succession:  the Vampire Elite
A Sterling Silver Pendant We Named Succession:  the Vampire Elite

A Sterling Silver Pendant We Named Succession: the Vampire Elite

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You are buying a large sterling silver pendant. We do not know what the center stone is. This is can be worn by a male or female. This piece is well made. This is a piece you will want to have as it is very rare.
Some of you have heard me speak about the vampire farm in Pa or the one in New Jersey. This is the place where the elite rule over the underclass. There isn't much of a difference in duty but there is in power and in decision making. There is an elite lineage that works a little different then the human world of kings and queens and that is called Succession. You don't get born or transformed into this type of vampire but you can work and wait for it. That is what succession is all about. You decide if it is something you want to do and if you decide to do it you will work for it. In order for one of them to move to king or queen they enter the farm with the full knowledge that it is like Hotel California, once in you are not getting out unless you succeed. To succeed means you have made either upper class, king or queen. Any of those three are great because the stepping out or the alternative is not.
How it works. The vampire would call upon the farm and render themselves in service for 5 years. They are nothing but a worker and can not use any powers they have for that entire time. However, during those five years they are learning and the normal power they would have is expanded upon by a thousand times. This is in case they make it to King or Queen. Now a king or a queen is not the same with them as it would be with a monarchy. There are no bloodlines, this is just get in line! There are also two sets of kings and queens because one King may pick a queen and if a woman succeeds she may pick her own mate and in doing so he becomes a king. At all times there are two kings and two queens. If a vampire has been in service for 5 years and comes out he then becomes a Duke and a female is a Duchess. There are no princes or princesses as there is no succession of the bloodline.
How does one succeed? That is a waiting game but remember, they are immortal so does it really matter? Once they make it they can pick a mate and they too would then move to king or queen. If the king decides he is done his queen must also move down unless she picks a king, most times they step down. You may wonder what would make one step down? Usually, it is not a stepping down but rather an " I feel my time is up". There is a lot to that process and it is a lot to go into.
When they make King or Queen and only at that time are they allowed to pick a piece that does a few things. One, it is pure protection, allows them to become human, allows them to travel in time before they were made AND even empowers them more. They also get the piece they picked to become a light tunnel into the Drama. The Drama is an organization of the most elite to walk the earth and their power is unbound. They have moved from King or Queen to a near god-like being. They can open portals and change history and if you research hard enough you can still find evidence of things that have changed. This piece holds all of that and while they are rare, extremely rare you can get a piece sometimes when you know someone or you are trusted. I have two pieces and I will put another one on at some point, maybe tonight on auction. After that, I don't have anymore I will be selling. 
Instructions are not challenging but they are detailed and will be given to the owner.

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