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Psychologists say that people subconsciously pick up information about everything around us which leads us to sense or know information without understanding how, why, or where it came from. Cases of intuition are so difficult to prove or even study. Whether we call it gut feelings, a 'sixth sense,' or something else, we have all experienced intuition at one time or another. That is exactly how I found this piece. Plain old' intuition.
I was on vacation during spring break between my freshman and sophomore year of college. I knew I wanted to go south and feel the warmth on my skin. This past winter was too cold for my liking. My best friend and I decided Florida was the place to go. A friend of mine told me about Ocala and how it was the perfect place for two horse lovers to visit. Once we got to our hotel in Florida someone had seen a book I was reading called, Graves End: A True Ghost Story by Elaine Mercado. The old man named Larry asked if I was into “creepy things”. I said “Yeah sure. Know of any good places nearby?”. He looked at me with this twinkle in his eye and said: “Let me get you a map”.
The map lead us to an abandoned village called Kerr City on the north shore of Lake Kerr in the Ocala National Forest which was founded in 1884. After being there a couple minutes a gentleman walked up to us and asked if he could help us. We knew who he was as Larry had told us he would be there. For his protection, we will call him Dave. He was happy to hear that Larry was doing well and said he would be happy to give us a tour. Especially since not too many people visit that part of the forest.
As we were walking around the once beautiful town, that intuition jumped out at me along with the scent of oranges and it said to look at the post office alone. I asked if it was OK to go inside the white building and look around and Dave said of course but to keep an eye out for Sarah. After a little explaining, I found out that Sarah was a postal worker many years ago when the town was bustling and she is said to be haunting the building now. As I went inside my nose was instantly filled with the smell of oranges again. I heard a woman's voice saying “Hotel. Hotel.” I asked if this was Sarah speaking and the citrus smell entered my nose again as if someone had just cut open the fruit and put it to my nose. I then heard “Hotel” again and knew that intuition was real. I came out of the post office and asked if there had been a hotel in the town. Dave told us that yes there was a hotel and an interesting story to go with it. The towns preacher had lived in the hotel and one morning when everyone woke up the pastor and all their money were gone. The people said that not only was the preacher evil but the hotel was now cursed with the evil as well and they burned it to the ground. As we walked over to the location of the hotel the orange smell came back again as well as the voice I knew was Sarah. It said “Dig. Dig!”. But where? Where was I to dig? Before the thought could leave my head I looked at a spot and just knew that was it. As my friend and Dave walked away to look at one of the houses I began to dig. Deeper and deeper into the warm, semi-wet ground. I started to feel something as my fingers dug into the earth. It was a velvet bag. It was small but inside was some money and a tiny piece of jewelry. I just knew I was to keep the jewelry but tell our new friend who protects this town about the money. Dave was surprised and decided to keep the money in a glass top box to show to others who happen to find their way to his town. I couldn't have asked for a better adventure during our vacation.
The intuition faded away and I didn't feel it for months. A Halloween party was coming up and I knew my new but old piece would be perfect for my costume. I put it on and instantly smelled the oranges. Does this item have a power I didn't realize before? Are my eyes and mind being opened to things I could see but never understood? Did my intuition lead me to this piece because it carries the magic of intuition inside of it? I found out pretty fast as every time I wore it whether for a reason or just for fun, new things would be brought to my mind followed along with that beautiful citrus smell. This wonderful gem is one of a kind and a treasure to anyone who owns it. Who wouldn't love the smell of oranges and the clear mind and open eyes that come with it?
This item had blind testing done with it and that meant no one knew what it could do or where we got it. You know because it is listed but none of the people testing it did. Results were all the same except for the scent of oranges. Some people never smelled them but everyone became a good to great psychic. The things people would know where future events, things going on with others thoughts of others and general ESP. The power is very strong in this one even for those who have no knowledge or experience in the supernatural.
This ring is sterling silver with a real gemstone.

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